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Friday August 4, 1978

New Moon 02:01

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother is 78 today. I do believe that in six years time she will be the longest lived Queen Consort. Queen Mary was 85, and Queen Alexandra was 80. No Queen of these Isles has lived longer.

Tonight Dave L came up at 8:30 and we went to meet Jacq at the Y.W.C.A and then went over the road to the George, opposite the (Leeds General) Infirmary. It was after 9 before we had a drink and so the evening was slipping quickly by. Dave quite liked the George and he noticed that most of the customers looked like hospital staff. He laughed that it 's an ideal spot to have a heart attack or bout of botulism.

(Botulism is something one gets from eating tins of John West salmon. "It's the cans that John West reject that don't kill you" &c. Dave is laying on a salmon sandwich supper at his party and intends displaying the serial number of the can on each sandwich. My God, aren't we a sick bunch?)

I was home at 11:30 and watched a bit of television. I've been grinning to myself all day because Jeremy Thorpe and three others have been arrested on charges of conspiring to murder Norman Scott between 1968 and 1977. That's buggered the Liberal party once and for all. Mr Steel definitely won't be wanting an election in October. The person I feel sorry for is poor Marion.


Thursday August 3, 1978

Jacq and I had a lunchtime drink at the Ostlers which was pleasant. She showed me a letter she has received from Gina inviting us both to RAF Benson for a weekend. Should be OK. Gina seemed like a very nice girl at our brief meeting in April.

Tonight is 'Margaret & Jim' night. Jim says he's related to the Bronte sisters but doesn't remember how exactly. He also says his mother's maiden name is Fowkes, an ancient Yorkshire surname which entitles him to bear arms, &c. I will do some research into this for him.

Poor Lynn is ill. She went to the doctor with chronic ear~ache this evening, and he partially syringed her ears and subsequently she came home in really bad pain. She was in tears at midnight. Jim went home for some pain~killers because we didn't have an asprin in the house, and she slept quite well after that. She suffered a few twinges at about 5 or 6am.


Wednesday August 2, 1978

I phoned Jacq at Dacre Son & Hartley to report that Dave isn't coming out tonight and cancelled our meeting too, or rather postponed it until tomorrow when we're going to the Ostlers.

At tea time whilst preparing to go to Lawn Road David phoned to say he can go out after all because the man from the 'Pru had been and gone in the space of ten minutes.

Christine came at 8 from Philip Birdgarden's (yes, she's going out with him again)and we drove to David's where we found him in a terrible state. He has conjunctivitis and is clad in a large pair of dark spectacles and clasping a large family~sized box of Kleenex. At first he said he was not going to join us, but we protested strongly and he relented. Christine is like a bloody witch when it comes to persuading people to change their minds.

Dave amused us at the Crown with his specs and Kleenex. I do think his eyes improved as the night went on. Christine was drinking Bailey's Irish Cream, or something, and we all became slightly intoxicated. At 10:30 we took Dave home and Christine came up for a coffee. She spent an hour with me, Mum and Dad discussing the 'Jersey Project' and her family history.


Tuesday August 1, 1978

Horrid weather on this first of the month. No startling news to impart other than to say Dad and I were at Burley again slapping paper on walls. I'm beginning to enjoy it now. When all is finished here it will leave a massive void in my life.

I pray to God that the marriage of my sister will be a long and happy one. We couldn't tolerate a divorce so close to the throne. I am very fond of Dave and regard him as a brother. His disappearance from the scene would be terribly sad for me. I know he can, at times, be something of a pain, but aren't all brothers?

Whilst I was at Burley tonight Dave L phoned to cancel tomorrow's drink because the insurance man is coming to see him about his car. It's just as well really because I am on the verge of destitution. I am seriously considering donating my body for medical research # if they'll take it before I have vacated it. A couple of hundred quid wouldn't go amiss at all.


Monday July 31, 1978

To Burley~in~Wharfedale with Dad. He's grateful for my assistance (in decorating). I am becoming aware of how easily it is in this world to please and cheer people.


Sunday July 30, 1978

10th after Trinity

After breakfast we all sped off to Lawn Road for a days work. Jacq was on her hands and knees scrubbing at the staircase. It poured with rain all day and only relented when we were ready to come home at about 7.

The four of us (Lynn, Dave, Jacq and me) crammed ourselves into the Spitfire and had a hilarious drive home over the moor. Lynn was clinging on for dear life.

Back at Pine Tops John, Maria and JPH were paying a visit. JPH is no longer a baby - he's a real little boy - with sturdy legs and flowing hair. He seems to have discovered a temper though. At one point when Maria wouldn't let him play with Susan's sunglasses he exclaimed: "Shit, then!" A deadly silence followed broken only by me giggling.


Saturday July 29, 1978

Sun rises 05:19 Sun sets 20:54

I woke up at 7 feeling ratty and unfriendly. Jacq disappeared after having a coffee, and I went back to bed for the remainder of the morning. Mum grumbled and complained when I eventually got up.

Tonight I went down the lane with Sue and Peter where we collected Jacq from the 8:30 bus and then moved on to the Shoulder (of Mutton) where we sat in the garden with Gus, Chippy and Dave Wainwright. Quite a boring evening really. It was after 11 before we decided to leave, and Sue and Pete went into Guiseley for a Chinese take~away. ____________.

Came home and attempted to watch two Lon Chaney Jr films but I went into a coma before the end of the second one.