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Wednesday January 31, 1973

Got up at 8 this morning. Arrived at school at 9.20. I spent the morning waiting for an interview with Mr Gaunt, the careers bod. I finally saw him at 11.25. After 35 minutes we had sorted something out about going into the retail business - not a very good alternative to teaching. Mr Ayling was in a very good mood in Economics. Had a laugh with Louise and Christine Braithwaite. The 6th form will be back on its feet by tomorrow. Mrs Lane will kill me in the Thursday lesson. I made a soddin' mess of the exam. But one can only say "do ones best" dats what I say. June was in her usual jolly mood. She tries to make me jealous and keeps saying she wants to invite _____to the Emmotts on Sunday. She even tells me she likes him, which cannot be true.
All the newspapers are making a huge fuss over Princess Anne and Mark Phillips.
Groves didn't turn up this afternoon and we had a couple of free lessons to play around in. June was in exams so I amused myself with Louise and Christine. Johnny Hart-Woods was in high spirits. We seem to share the same Monty Python type of humour. He always raises a laugh.
I hear a rumour that Dave is going out with one of the birds from Woolworths. She can't be a very classy dame if she works in that joint.
Came to bed at 11.30. I haven't half written some ridiculous things in this diary.


Tuesday January 30, 1973

Charles 1 was murdered by Parliament on this day in 1649. I did not get up until 8.30 this morning. Susan was crouched on her bedroom floor putting her face on. She said that Mum had been trying to get me out of bed since 8. I had a bit of breakfast and caught the 9.30 bus to school. June looked radiant as usual. However_______disturbs me very much. He stares at June and follows her wherever she goes. I was dreading seeing Mrs Lane. What will she say about my exam? However, Mr Ayling saw me coming into school and he just happened to mention that Mrs Lane was absent. I was most relieved. I could have kicked myself, because I came out without a penny on me. I thought I was starving to death by the time lunchtime came around. Luckily, Chris offered me a third of a can of soup. Louise warmed it for us. He certainly has her trained. Christine B said it looked like "witches piss and bile juice".
Dad and Lynn went to the dentist at Rawdon at 4.15. I went down with June and Lynda to the bus stop at 4.30 but they had already left the dentist and gone home. Denise and Louise were at the bus stop and so I waited with them until 4.50.
I watched a very disturbing documentary on the telly last night concerning the Bentley/Craig murder of Nov. 1952. Bentley was hanged for simply being with Craig. Craig himself was only 16 - too young to be hanged - but it was he who had pulled the trigger. Hanging is so pagan. Why can't they be injected with a drug, or whatever. Lessons start on Wednesday afternoon. I'll go to Economics at 11.45.
I came up to bed at 11.30. Chris suggested that he and Louise and me and June go out on Sunday.


Monday January 29, 1973

Got up at 7.30am. I had breakfast and left for school on the 8.30 no. 55 bus. Arrived school at 8.55am. I attempted to revise until 9.20 without success. Andy Flesher made things extremely difficult. The History exam. began at 9.30. It was terrible. Mrs Lane will kill me on Tuesday. The exam. finished at 12.30.

In the afternoon I began my "Fog Theory" Volune II. Everyone thinks it's a great success.

June didn't go to work on Saturday and mentioned that she might be going to the Woolpack tonight, but when I said I was going to the Emmotts both she and Lynda West soon changed their minds. I walked with June and L. West to the bus stop at 4.30, and planned vaguely to meet at the Emmotts at 8.30. I was no sooner home then once again out again making my way back down the hill for the bus stop. I arrived at the Motts at 8.20. June was not there. I hung around in the cold until 8.40. Decided to ring Chris from inside the Motts to say I had been jilted. Inside the pub I stuck my head into the lounge to find June, Lynda, Janet R, all chatting with an old age pensioner. June's face didn't half light up on seeing me. I felt brilliant.

Linda bought me a drink and we all sat talking with old Ivy Fitton - a grand old girl - with a great sense of humour. At 9.30 Peter Hurst came in. He must have heard J and I discussing where we were going tonight. He didn't say a word. He sat at our table just staring at us. What could we do? He even came and stood with June and I at the bus stop. My heart sank when June's bus came. We did manage to do a quick waltz outside the Emmotts. How romantic can you get? Skinhead came past at 11.10pm and he gave me a lift to Guiseley.


Sunday January 28, 1973

Got up and had breakfast at 11.30. I revised until lunchtime for the European History exam. tomorrow. At about 5 Auntie Hilda, Uncle Tony, Karen, Jill, and Diane came for tea. Dave rang at 6.30 and said he was going to the Emmott Arms with Chris and Louise. John and I went up at 8.30. It was the first time John had ever been to a pub, which isn't bad considering he hasn't been 16 for very long. The Emmotts is always full of under-age drinkers. I the police ever went up they would have a Beano. I felt very depressed without June. Louise noticed especially. John made himself popular by buying a round of drinks costing 97p. On arriving home in Mr Harris's Rover we found ourselves locked out until 11. Mum, Dad, Auntie Hilda, Uncle Tony, came home to be followed shortly by Lynn, Susan, Karen, Jill and Diane. We all had bacon sandwiches and coffee. Mum refused to let me revise saying it was too late. H and T plus family went at 1am. We all then retired to bed. I couldn't sleep. With June and the exams I certainly had enough to think about.


Saturday January 27, 1973

1.30pm: Janet rang. Evidently June has not been to work today and she hasn't been able to ask June to meet me at the Emmott Arms on Sunday night. She doesn't even know June's address. However, It's dawned on me that Janet fancies me and she could easily be keeping the proposal from June. This means I'll not see June until Monday morning - the day of the three hour mock History exam.

I got up at 8.50 but decided I needed more sleep - going back to bed until 11am. After breakfast I revised until 1. I then had lunch. The phone kept ringing throughout the morning and my heart leapt when I heard Janet's voice. Somehow I disbelieve her report. Went wearily upstairs at 2pm. Revising until tea time. When I think about it - June may be too shy to go out with me, and so not to hurt my feelings she has told Janet to tell me she hasn;t been to the bakery. If so, it's more harmful keeping it from me. Leading me "up the garden path" as it were.

Watched televsision. I only revised the Crimean War until 3pm. After tea I got a lift from Dad to the Chuck Wagon. It was the second busiest night they have ever known. You could certainly tell by the amount of washing-up. Sue and Toffer changed clothes and went to Wikkis at 12.45 taking Pauline and myself home first. Pauline has a touch of 'flu and was not talking at her usual speed tonight. Worthington has made fantastic progress since last week. Unfortunately, he has lost his baby-face appearance.

Worried all night about June. She's the only girl I have seriously fancied for any length of time. I am still going to the Emmott Arms tomorrow. There is a chance that Janet will have found June and passed on my message. Anyway, Dave, Andrew Graham and Dale may be up there. It will help me take my mind off the exams.

It was Sue Crosby's birthday party tonight. Chris and Louise were going. In fact all the 6th form are going.


Friday January 26, 1973

I couldn't be bothered to catch the 8.30 bus so I waited until 9 o'clock. Mr Groves gave us a lecture on the vices of the 6th form. Evidently, Mrs Capstan-Fullstrength has been complaining about someone spilling salt in the study area. I have never been so embarrassed. It was June and me yesterday afternoon. What's more, everyone except Groves knew who the culprits were.

Dave and myself had one hell of a laugh with Christine Braithwaite. Chris and Louise had some sort of argument this afternoon. I think it was because Louise had lost Chris's expensive Parker pen. If that's all they can find to fight about it's a bloody pity.

June was in lessons all afternoon. I was kept amused by Christine and Dave. I stayed at school until 4.35 walking June, Linda, Benita and Janet to the bus stop. It wasn't until June had gone that I realised it was the last I had seen of her until Monday. I therefor, with great presence of mind, instructed Janet to tell June (they work at the same bakery in Horsforth on Saturdays) to meet me at the Emmott Arms at 8.30 on Sunday. I pass on my phone number just in case June wants to speak to me first. I arrived home at 5.30. Janet rang me at 6 for final instructions. She was worried that June would think she is being nosey.

I worked at the Chuck Wagon from 7. A boring evening. A couple sat pouring over their bill until 12.30 - silly sods. I missed the Frankenstein film on the telly.

Will June go to the Emmotts on Sunday? Will she ring tomorrow night? When I threw these questions at Janet she was positive that June would turn up.

I intend revising on Saturday and Sunday. European History is sometime on Monday. Let's hope it's in the afternoon. It will give me time to revise just that bit extra.

Dave may be leaving Woolworths tomorrow. He is ringing me to give a full report on his final and irrevocable decision.

Got home from the Chuck Wagon at 12.45. Made poached eggs on toast with fresh coffee. Somehow I do not feel like sleeping. All day I have felt a strange sinking feeling in my stomach. Excitement mingled with fright. Is this love?