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Friday April 27, 1973

Get up at nearly 10 o'clock. Have a bowl of cereals. It's unusual for me. Have a cup of coffee while glancing at Queen Victoria in the lounge. Much more interesting than George III.

Oh, I must do my Economics. I keep putting it off and putting it off. It will be too late if I leave it any longer. I MUST DO MY ECONOMICS AFTER LUNCH!! Grief, it's 11 o'clock and I have to ring June. She will be waiting. Oh no! Lynn is on the phone. I'll tell her to get off the line and then I'll ring June.

I rang her but no one answers. I will keep ringing until I am satisfied that she has forgotten. On reflection, did I promise to ring her today, or was that yesterday?

Deep in sorrow I continue with my Economics. Work all afternoon.

Go to the CW at 7 o'clock. Sue fell off Polo this morning. She feels as though she's broken her back - Poor Girl!

Very busy evening. Bored and tired by 12.30. Come home and read Mrs Woodham-Smith's Queen Victoria Vol. 1, 1819-1861. Marvellous! The Lady Flora Hastings Affair is so interesting - how can one imagine in these days of the 1970s that idle gossip at court in 1839 could bring down a government? Queen V is such a character. My heroine in history. If ever I have a say in the naming of a daughter of mine - she will be called Victoria.

Come to bed at 2.


Thursday April 26, 1973

Got up at 10 o'clock. Had a terrible boiled egg which was under done. The hardest thing in the world to cook must surely be a boiled egg. You can't tell whether it's cooked or not until you cut the top off - when it's too late.

At precisely 11 o'clock I ring June at the Horsforth phone box. She sounds so much younger on the telephone. We decided to meet at Rawdon Library at 3 o'clock. Ring off at 11.30. Lynn is in the bathroom which prevents me getting washed. Go downstairs and find a card waiting for me from Rawdon Library. They have a book reserved for me which I requested in November: Queen Victoria by Cecil Woodham-Smith. Should be interesting.

After lunch I prepare for my journey to Rawdon. Go on the 2.30 55. Arrive 2.50. Go to Cleggs and buy some sweets. June arrived 5 minutes later. She's such a darling. Go to the library where we sit for nearly ninety minutes. I look through an electoral roll for 1853 and find my great-great grandfather who owned a draper's shop in the Marsh, Pudsey. I collect Queen Victoria and a book of horror stories. We go into the park. The day is brilliantly sunny with a fresh, excited breeze. We sit until nearly 5 o'clock. We go to the Post Office. I put £22 into my account. My birthday money plus £4. We walk to the bus stop. Go at 5.20. Kiss goodbye until tonight.

Have tea and look at some more Economics. John has decided to come out with me. We leave at 7.50. Mum walks with us on her way to the hairdresser. Arrive at the Emmotts at 8.25. June arrives simultaneously. Chris, Mick Lea, Denny, and MM arrive. They later go down to Esholt to see Mum and Dad. June and I have a serious talk. She asks me whether I think 3 months is too long for us to carry on. I am dumbfounded and disagree. I ask "what will happen in September?" She replies: "I will write to you every day." It must be love if we can plan 5 months in advance! At 10.40 we bid farewell to Ivy and go for the buses. John goes to the chippie. Our bus comes at 11.10. Kiss goodbye again. Home by 11.40.


Wednesday April 25, 1973

Got up at 9.30. Had no breakfast and started my international trade essay. Argued with Dad about the loudness of the radio. I said if I couldn't have it loud then it wasn't worth having on at all. Aren't I a spoilt brat? June rang at 11. We talked for 10 minutes and decided to go out tomorrow night instead of tonight. It helps to break the week up because after Thursday I will not be able to go out until Sunday.

Believe it or not, the weather today is beautiful. The sky is china blue. The birds are singing. But for many people it is too late. The workers are back to work today. I wish we could go to Bolton Abbey today, but I do suppose it could never replace yesterdays enjoyable excursion because it takes more than a sunny sky to make a day a good one.

Lynn and Sue made the lunch - turkey again!! I am counting now. It's four days of poultry. Continue until 12 with my Economics essay - how really terrible!

Go with Dad to collect Mum for lunch. See June's sister outside her house on Netherfield Road. She doesn't look anything like June or Sue. Poor Sue has a cold after yesterday's bath in the Wharfe. She won't be going to the Emmotts tomorrow.

After lunch I get my Economics out again but the sight of it is quite nauseating. Go have a bath after helping Mum with a broken washing line. Sit browsing through George III until tea time.

Lynn brings her boyfriend Chris home. They ask Mum's permission to go to a party at Yeadon. Mum says yes. Salad for tea.

Spend the evening watching the telly. I have decided to write to the Queen Mother congratulating her on being a member of the Royal Family for 50 years. I have only ever written to a member of the Royal Family once before, which was last August when I wrote to the Duchess of Gloucester expressing my sympathy of the death of her elder son. A lady-in-waiting replied. The Queen Mother is one of my favourite Royals. Always serene and charming. Surely, the best thing George VI ever did was when he married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on April 26, 1923?


Tuesday April 24, 1973

The alarm clock sang its merry song at 10 this morning. The sky was overcast but it was dry! My prayers have been answered. Had breafast at 10.30. Mum made John and I some sandwiches and I rang Dave at 11. He said he would meet us at the Station Hotel at 12. The same time as June and Sue B. John and I prepared for the fishing expedition. At 11.30 we set off for Guiseley. We sat on the seat outside the Albion Fisheries.

June and Sue came at 12.03. We all sat together waiting for Dave. Mum and Dad with the girls went passed in the car at the same time that Dave arrived. Bidding farewell to mother and co. we piled into the car and set off for Otley.

To cut a long story short, after driving for 2 hours around the wilds of Wharfedale (with June on my knee) we arrived at Bolton Abbey at 2. We had ice lollies at an old cafe, then walked alongside the river and played tig and made several attempts to push each other into the water - unsuccessful ones. We tried to walk to the Strid, where Dave had not been before, but an old man on a gate said it would cost us 4p each. It seems that the very air we breathe will cost us money before long! To register our protest we crept up a bank and walked to the Strid avoiding those little sentry-box type green huts where OAPs lurk with ticket machines, etc.

Dave accidentally smashed his spectacles in the loo - I can't think how. And poor Sue fell in some filthy mud and had to bathe - fully clothed - in the Wharfe in order to cleanse herself. She looked very self-conscious and uncomfortable. June was delightful, wearing green denims and my bush hat. We picked wild flowers together. The countryside was too perfect. We didn't fish once. No one bothered. At 4.30 we set off regretably for home. June and Sue got out at Grandways. I gave her a letter which I wrote on April 19. She's reading it tonight. Dave brought John and I to Guiseley. I hate leaving June who is becoming very attached to my knees. What a girl she is!

Went to the CW at 7. Busy as a "poor Saturday" which means very good for a Tuesday. Depressing evening and an anti-climax to the day. Came home from the CW at 12.30. Had supper and retired to bed. Toffer paid me £2. So it was a Saturday after all!!


Monday April 23, 1973

The smell of Dad's breakfast awoke me at 10 o'clock. Mum was surprised to see us all up at such an early hour. At 10.40 everyone, much to Dad's disgust, went into the lounge to watch a Tarzan epic. Wot a load o' rubbish it was.

The weather is really terrible. All those poor Easter campers will be sick to death - typical Easter weather conditions. Mum made my lunch at 12 in order that I could be at the CW by 1 o'clock. I had turkey again - highly delicious. Walked down Thorpe Lane in the drizzle arriving exactly on time at the CW. Not many people in. Pauline arrived at 1.15 - we had a laugh together. She complemented me by saying that I worked better than Martin, who, If I understand correctly from Sue, talks down to Pauline all the time. She's a real nice girl really. Sue is offering my job to Lynn or Sue when I depart in September. Keeping it in the family. Sue seems interested. Two Sues working will certainly confuse things. By 2.30 everyone had gone - we staff drifted into the restaurant and devoured several cheese and onion sandwiches. Pauline sat knitting. It got busy again at 3.30. Worked until 5.55. Sue gave me £1.50 and I walked home in the rain. Had tea and sat waiting for June and Dave to ring about tomorrows goings on. I hope and pray that Mr Lawson will not need the car tomorrow. And with these terrible weather conditions I think they may decide to stay in, but all I can do is wait patiently. She rang at 8. We talked for three minutes but still undecided she promised to ring again at 9 o'clock. We decided to meet with the fishing tackle outside the Station Hotel at 12 o'clock. She's buying some maggots in Rawdon. What a wet, yet exciting day we are in for. Dave rang at 9.10. He may be able to get his Dad's car, but he's not sure. He says he'll ring back with the news at 11 tomorrow morning. Saw "Mutiny on the Bounty"with Marlon Brando - such an anti-climax at the end! Came to bed at 12.30am. John and I rumaged for suitable clothing. I can hardly wait.


Sunday April 22, 1973

Easter Day. Awoke at midday. Watched a rotten film and browsed through the Sunday Express until lunchtime. Really an exquisite lunch. Turkey and a white, medium sweet barsac wine - which I bought from Toffer last night. Mother is certainly an amazing cook.

Later they all went to the lounge and I made the coffee. A rotten film began and so I read the Sunday Express - inside was a good article about the part played by the Queen Mother in the Royal Family over the past 50 years. She truly is a remarkable, lovable, dedicated soul - so natural and unruffled. She knocks Queen Mary into stitches.

Mum and Dad went out at 6.30. Lynn has a new boyfriend - Chris Halliday. She is also going out with Andy Richardson on Friday. Wait till I tell Sue tomorrow. Rang Dave at 7. He picked me and John up at 7.45. Arrived 10 minutes later at the Emmotts. Ivy was in high spirits. June and Sue came shortly afterwards. After half an hour we piled into Dave's car - John and Sue in the back and June on my knee in the front and we went up to our house. Sue was in alone, and we all sat discussing where to go until 9. We decided to go to Shipley - to the Elma nightclub. Sadly on our arrival we were told it was for members only. We then went to Arthington arriving at 9.45 after a cosy ride in the car listening to Radio Luxembourg. Went to to the Wharfedale pub - where we had a couple of drinks - no disco due to it being Easter. What a tip it is! Glad to be back in the car. Took girls to Horsforth arrived at 11 o'clock - June and I kissed goodnight. She is ringing me tomorrow evening. Dave brought us home. Lynn and Sue were entertaining L's boyfriend and his friend, Gary Parry. Dad has previous associations with Gary's "business" type connections. Very embarrassing.

Came to bed at 1 o'clock. Not too tired. We may be all tripping to the Dales on Tuesday. That is if Dave's dad doesn't want the car.


Saturday April 21, 1973

Her Majesty the Queen is 47 years old today. She is still relatively young when one takes into consideration that she has reigned for 21 years. Her grandfather, George V, reigned for only 25 years but he died at 72. When Her Majesty is 72 she will have been Queen for nearly half a century. Rather disgustingly, the papers have paid hardly any attention to this Royal birthday. And the Daily Mail dedicated 2 precious lines on page 8 to the fact thet HM is now 47. The papers seem to think that the voyage of the QEII to Israel carring loads of rabbis is more important - poor, misguided souls!

I sat with Susan throughout the afternoon and when Mum went to have her hair done we watched Gregory Peck in an ancient film - really quite a weepy. However, yesterday's film "The Song of Bernadette" is still strong in my mind. ___I have neglected God in the past couple of years but have never doubted his existence. To many of my friends God seems beyond their comprehension and frequently come out with statements like "how can you, in the year 1973, believe such superstitious nonsense." I find it difficult to argue the other way, but I know in my own heart that God does exist. I have no proof to doubt it. Why should I?

Work was very busy. We took Pauline home first. Very tired and sleepy. Could sleep for one hundred years. Goodnight.


Friday April 20, 1973

Good Friday. I feel really terrible. My conscience will never let me rest. And all because of the BBC.

Yes, the BBC put on a film which stirred my religious feelings. Dad frowned when I told him that I believed St Bernadette really saw the Virgin Mary at Lourdes. He went on to query why it was only Roman Catholics who have these visitations. Poor man. He must think that all the people in the Bible were Roman Catholics too - when of course they were Jews. I was so interested in the film that I was half an hour late for the CW. Sue was having eggs - thinking I wasn't going to turn up. Toffer merely laughed. Sue was in an awful fluster at about 9 o'clock. She hardly spoke for the remainder of the evening - unlike Sue altogether. I was in a daze for the largest part of the evening - due to the fact that the film was tearing at my conscience. What pain I was going through. At least my faith in God was boosted, which can never be a bad thing.

Came home at 1.30. Had 2 boiled eggs and retired.


Thursday April 19, 1973

Dad, scraping old paint off one of the doors, awoke me at 11.10. Sadly, I have been very disappointed with Dad lately, and have come to the conclusion that Stalin's Russia can have been no worse than 58, Hawksworth Lane, Guiseley. Rarther stupidly, today I made a terrible boob. Yes, I forgot all about Rule 17 Sub-Section 2c, which states quite clearly: "All watching of television is strictly prohibited between the hours of 8am and 6pm." Those contravening this rule are regarded as "moronic, uncultured people". Rule No 3 section 12B states: "Persons at all times must be doing something useful. No rest is tolerated. Lieusure is to be frowned upon." It just so happens that I broke rule 17 Sub Secrion 2c to watch the film version of Noel Coward's "Astonished Heart" at 3pm. On finding me in from the of the tv Dad proceeded to read the Riot Act. The film was also the cause of concern. He regards the works of Noel Coward as upper middle-class propaganda. Had it been the life story of Clement Attlee rule 17 may have been repealed. Not that I would have broken Rule 17 anyway if Clement's life had been placed on film. Anyway, he got his own way and I turned off the television.

I continued with Anthony Eden until tea time. Watched Top of the Pops. John decided to come out with me - the first time since January. He wore his bags and my suit jacket. Mum said he looked very unusual dressed up. We went on the 7.30 55 bus. On our arrival June was already inside - she was surprised to see John. She thinks he looks like Michael Stott. Sue B arrived 20 minutes later after jilting poor Keith in Horsforth. She takes an immediate fancy to John. and they discuss the ins and outs of brick-laying and joinering etc. Sue is training to be an architect. Sadly, she accidentally knocked a drink all over a pretty looking Pakistani girl - and embarrassment almost killed her. She left very quickly afterwards. June was mad with her and thinks that John might be offended by Sue's early departure. Ivy thought I was "bonnie" until she laid eyes on John. I am very glad. I don't fancy the prospects of going through life "bonnie." Ivy did go on to say how John and I look so much alike! I would never say that we looked alike, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. June thought he was sweet. We went out for the 11.10 bus. John went to the chippy. The bus came on time. We kissed goodnight. A very enjoyable evening.


Wednesday April 18, 1973

Mum got me up at 8.50. Dad gave me a lift to the CW at 9 o'clock. Sue and Toffer were still in bed. I knocked them up - Sue yelled from her bedroom window, telling me to let myself in. Webby and Worthy made a fuss over me and I cleared last night's greasy dishes away. Toffer came down half naked and told me to get a step-ladder fom the garage. To cut a long story short, Toffer went to the cash-and-carry for an hour whilst I polished the tables, and set them. Sue was hoovering upstairs. Toffer came back and cleaned the frier. I didn't begin my cleaning until nearly 11. Worked like a Trojan until 1.30 - when we went up to the Chevin Inn for lunch. I had a delicious salad and one and a half pints of ale. I never expected to be swilling ale on a Wednesday afternoon. At 3 we went and caught Sue's horse - a massive white brute - very nice really. Toffer with Worthy, Web and I drove back to the CW and I started on the walls again - with industrial grease remover. Worked until 5.30. Sue came home and paid me £3 and then gave me a lift home. Had dinner. Mum said I looked awfully pale.

They went out to Auntie Hilda's to see a concert - Mum hates these so-called concerts. I had a bath and washed my hair at 6.15. Emerged at 6.45. Ready at 7. Had a coffee then left and caught the 7.30 55 bus - it was raining. Arrived at the Emmotts at 8 o'clock. June hadn't arrived. I sat alone with half a lager. She's still not here by 8.30, and at 8.45 I go outside and wait in the bus shelter. I could not beleive she had not come. June would never break a promise. Sure enough, she arrived on the 8.50 bus with Sue Bottomley. She was full of apologies. Evidently, her leg had cramp and she had missed the 8 o'clock 55. They had walked most of the way up.

At 9.30 Chris, Denny and MM came in. So did Keith Harrison - and he finished up with Sue Bottomley for the evening. She must like him really. Sue and Keith walked down to the bottom, June and I waited at the bus stop. Left at 11.10. We are meeting tomorrow.