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Friday October 5, 1973

MM's 18th birthday. Good old Jim Rawnsley (who is God to millions of council workers all over Aireborough) gave me a lift to Rawdon traffic lights and subsequently I was at school for 8.30. When Christine arrives she hands me a birthday card for MM which I sign forthwith. I decorated the envelope with a replica of the 'Royal Wedding' postage stamp which is to be released on Nov 14. The birthday boy arrives 5 minutes later and Christine gives him the card. He also receives one from Judith Lea.

At 10.0 I go down to Rawdon Library to avoid doing Economics which I cannot face on a Friday morning.

Later: having returned to Benton Park I attempt to copy up my George III essay. When I tell Christine, at 12.30, that I cannot go up to the Emmotts with her and MM, she goes into a frenzy and rips up my essay. The devils both rushed out leaving me only three quarters of an hour to re-write the whole thing (which I had in draft anyway). I am successful. They arrive back drunk at 2.0 o'clock. MM is then dunked in the sinks and sent off to his Economics lesson. At 2.30 he still looks pissed. Groves realises in Current Affairs.____________.

Later. Chris rings. We decide to meet at the Stansfield Arms down Apperley Lane at 8.30 - another enjoyable evening. A couple of dears from the Salvation Army come in selling magazines. Marita and I fill in a crossword. Andy arrives at 9.30. Coming home we see Haggis, who is now wed, and the Scottish bus driver nearly kills Andy over something he said.


Thursday October 4, 1973

Uncle Harry's 51st birthday. Arrive at Benton at 10 minutes to 9. Read George III and do my Economics until 12.30. Bid my farewells to Christine and then leave for home on the 1.15 bus.

Mother is awaiting my arrival and feeling very excited. Have lunch and then don my suit, and bid farewell to Mother who is entertaining Jennie Rawnsley, and to Father, who is messing around with the car. I leave for Leeds on the 2.30 55 bus. A 4 o'clock the ordeal begins - what a relief it all is. Such an interesting interview followed, where I was introduced to the head editorial librarian and to her deputy. They were surrounded by piles of reference books and news cuttings - just the sort of place for me. They let me know next week whether they require my services or not. I leave at 4.35 and go look in WH Smith's. Home by 6.45. Both Mum and Dad are very hopeful.

See tv until 9.20 when I depart to my bedroom and complete an Economics essay for tomorrow. John and the girls watch Diana Ross on BBC2.


Wednesday October 3, 1973

Got up at approximately 7.45. Realise that I have to complete a George III essay by Friday and therefore decide to take today off school and spend my time making notes ready for the essay: 'Was George III harshly treated by his critics?'

I sit in the dining room until nearly 1 o'clock whilst Dad presses his uniforms and tidies around in general. Not making much headway with my notes. Mother comes in from the hairdresser at 1.30. Uncle Harry rings at 2 and invites himself here for dinner tonight - I do like Uncle H tremendously. Mum and I have a laugh about Auntie Dorothy - who is on a lone walking holiday in Scotland this week - leaving Uncle Les and the children at home. What a nut that woman is indeed!

After lunch Mum and Dad go out.I play Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto on the stereo - at full volume. I feel like writing to June to tell her how much I love her and always will do. But it would do no good. She thinks nothing of me now.

Later: Uncle Harry arrives at 5.45 and eats meat and potato pie heartily. At 8.30, after an urgent telephone call from Chris, John and I go to the Fleece in Horsforth where Chris joins us at 9. We spend a very pleasant evening discussing the events of the past month or two.


Tuesday October 2, 1973

Go to school on the 9.30 bus. Sit the whole day with Christine and MM._______________.

Last term Mrs Butler made a film starring MM and Judith Lea - I saw it today. Quite remarkable indeed, and it looked extremely professional. It seemed so odd to be watching two friends on the screen. Jackie Petit stood very near me throughout the showing - and I enjoyed it very much - Jackie is so attractive - with fair hair. I would love to go out with her just to make ____jealous. How is that for wickedness?

A stamp is to made made on November 14 to commemorate the Royal Wedding. A rarther pleasant looking thing it is too. Princess Anne can certainly be a beauty when she tries. Her mouth is the only thing which lets her down. Her royal teeth are so prominent! Captain Philips's grandmother died over the weekend. Princess Anne accompanied him to the funeral which was, I think, in Wiltshire. It's a pity that the old girl didn't last out for the wedding. His other granny, Mrs Tiarks, is still battling on.

Believe it or not, I remain at home tonight. I have not been isnide a pub since Friday. How have I survived these four days without drink?


Monday October 1, 1973

Blimey! Rosie Clifton isn't half a scorcher! Whilst battling through breakfast I glanced at the Daily Mail and was surprised to see a large picture of Prince Michael of Kent completely over-shadowing old Wilson's plans to nationalize everything he can get his little filthy hands on. Dropping my slice of toast I took up the Mail and began reading. It seems that Miss Clifton has been at Balmoral since Friday as a guest of the Prince of Wales. What a beauty she is! The old Poet Laureate ought to pen something about her instead of churning out all that rubbish about conservation and saving old ruins. Anyway, the latter-day Venus flew from Aberdeen to Heathrow with Prince Michael. What is more, the Mail insinuates that Rosie must have argued with the prince and turned to Prince Michael instead. Just who does the editor of the Daily Mail think he is? Obviously, Rosie and Michael had to come back to London today and travelled on the same flight from the same house-party. The papers will do anything to create a sensation. Buckingham Palace spokesmen deny rumours of romances but nobody listens to them anymore.

School all day. Uneventful. The sun was bright but the day was cold.


Sunday September 30, 1973

15th after Trinity. Like yesterday I awoke at 7 o'clock but instead of going back to sleep I staggered down to the lounge where I play John's Tamla vol. III, very quietly, and sip a large glass or orange juice. I went back to bed at 8 and came back down at 10. It is so cold in my bedroom. I put the central heating into action which warmed the house very quickly.

Marita is taking Chris to Harewood this afternoon, where Andy is protecting all those hill climbers! The weather is shocking and the wind really strong - I pity them.

Today is Dave's final day in Yorkshire. He goes to Worcester early tomorrow. He rings me after lunch and says that he would have gone blackberry picking had it not been for the weather. I say I will ring him back at 6 to decide if we are going out or not - I doubt it very much after last night.

Lynn and Stephen decide to go to the cinema - so do John and Christine W. Susan also wants to go and so I agree to go with her. I ring Dave at 6.15 and wish him all the luck - adding 'see you on Saturday'. Dad runs Sue and me to Yeadon at 6.20. Film 'Battle for the Planet of the Apes' begins at 6.30. Not too good. 'Escape from the Planet of the Apes' was much better. Leave for home at 10.30. John walks Christine home - the White Mini Market heiress -and we are all home for 11.15.


Saturday September 29, 1973

Wake up at 7 o'clock and go back to sleep until 11. My cold is somewhat better, and even if I have pnuemonia I am going out tonight in order to celebrate David's last pre-college Saturday.

Stay in the lounge all day. See a Liz Taylor film: 'The Last Time I Saw Paris' which was quite good. Mum and Dad go to the shops at 4.30 and she buys some liquid to put up my nose. It works wonders. By 5 o'clock I can breath again.

Lynn and Sue come back from Bradford with another LP for John - who is at work - Tamla Volume III.

John and Dad go out driving and Sue and Lynn go to have tea with Al Dixon. Mother and me watch Bruce Forsyth's 'Generation Game'. At 6.30 I go change, now feeling greatly improved.

Andy rings at 7 and I say I'll meet him near Shires at 7.45. However, John and Dad don't get back until 7.30 and John and me are subsequently late.

We buy 12 pints of beer and go to Dave's where Philip and Christine are listening to records - Philip is unusually very quiet. MM, Christine W and Linda S arrive later, followed by Chris and Marita. By 11 Andy and myself are quite drunk - especially Andy who added Bacardi to his pints of Newcastle Brown. What a laugh - everyone imitating everyone elses dancing styles.

When Mr & Mrs Lawson arrive home we pile into Dave and Marita's cars and go to the Intercon at the Cow & Calf at Ilkley. Christine ignored Philip all night long. See Denny who, strangely enough, ignores Chris. Home at 2.30.


Friday September 28, 1973

The morning begins with me feeling very tired and listless. Totally 'under the weather'. By lunchtime I begin sneezing my head off. Christine takes all the blame because she started with a cold earlier in the week. However, I do not give in to it and last out at school until 4 o'clock.

Having already made arrangements to go out tonight I do not break them. Therefore, at 8.15, Dave, poor soul, collects John and I and Christine W. We go to the Fleece where Chris, Marita, Christine and Philip, Andy and MM are busily supping and merry-making. By 9.30 my cold is terrible and John yells at me for coming out on a cold evening with such an illness. Chris, being his usual gracious self, bought me a brandy. John, God Bless him, brought me another 2 brandies and a rye and dry. I was not even slightly pissed at 10.30.

MM invites us all back to his pad at 10.45 for coffee, and coffee only. We all go. I sit with Marita and almost fall to sleep on her - much to the dismay of Chris who is sitting on her other side. I am very fond of Marita, whom I first saw at Sue Crosby's 1st party all those months ago - she says so, because I have no recollection of seeing her until August 25. I was so drunk at Sue's party anyway.

Dave brings us home at 12.20 - me feeling lousy. Bed 12.30.


Thursday September 27, 1973

A day of filthy, rain, rain and even more rain. Stay at home in the morning to do an Economics essay but to my horror I discover that I have mislaid the question. Anyway, at 12.30 I go to Benton and do my essay sitting with Julie Turner. Finished by 2.30.

The Economics lesson is awfully drab and I nearly fall asleep. Incidentally, I have been offered an interview at the Yorkshire Post. Will go see what happens next Thursday.

___has been spreading more rubbish about poor Chris.

See a horrid King Kong film. Chris rings at 8.30. We decide not to go out due to the freak weather conditions. But I am definately going out tomorrow. Lynn and Stephen Barstow come home. We all sit around the tv - Mum and Dad having gone out at 9 o'clock.

I see 'Jason King' at 11.30 and retire one hour later.

The Prince of Wales marriage stakes are making a large splash at the moment. Since Monday the Press have had the prince engaged at least five times - and to different women. The first of these fillies was Lady Jane Wellesley, daughter of the 8th Duke of Wellington - she of course denied it. The second was to a certain Janet Milner - she made no comment. Another was Rosie Clifton, a very theatrical sounding name. She's been to Balmoral for the weekend. In 1861 another Prince of Wales was entangled with a certain Nellie Clifden. Personally, I think it's a load of rot. Charles would never run off with a short-hand typist called Rosie. He is more sensible than that. I guess that the Prince of Wales will be 28 when he marries and the bride will be British upper class. Good old Lady Jane would fit in perfectly. After all, she is a relation of the dear Queen Mother.