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Wednesday September 26, 1973

A very interesting afternoon at school where Maggie Edwards, Irene, MM and myself entertain six old age pensioners - all over the age of 80. They sit and tell us ancient anecdotes of how they lived in the 1890s. Believe it or not one old boy cycled from Rawdon to Sheffield four times a week! And this routine went on for about a year! How has he managed to survive for so long after such hard work?

See the tv in the evening. Chris rings at 8 o'clock and wants to know if I'm going out. I say 'no'. But I am tempted. He and Andy are going off somewhere - poor Marita is in bed with cold.

John and Dad went out driving until 8.30 - it's the first time John has been at the wheel, and I think I will have a go tomorrow.

See Harold Macmillan on tv talking about 1963 - his last year of premiership. What a tremendous fellow he is. It's a damn shame he cannot live another 50 years to further his aims. You can tell from the conversation that he was born 30 years too soon.


Tuesday September 25, 1973

A truly historic day. John is seventeen. And to think he's been a regular in the local pubs for 9 months now! When I was his age I didn't even go in off-licences. I was 17 and a half when I first crossed the threshold of the Emmotts - although, I did have a half of beer at the Hare and Hounds in Menston on Nov 5, 1970, aged 15.

Andy rings at 7.30. We meet him and Christine W at Rawdon traffic lights at 8. Go to the Queen's at 8.10. The place is almost deserted. Two large coal fires burn merrily in the grates. We enter a competition to guess the weight of a Tetley dray horse which is to be weighed in Leeds on November 18. MM arrives at 9.15. We sit until 10.30 - MM left on his own in the car at 10.15. We catch a 51 bus at about 10.40 - I almost fell to sleep on the back seat. John, Christine and I bid farewell to Andy and Chris at Rawdon - we walk down towards Yeadon. John takes Christine home and we have some fish and chips at Westfield. A 55 came at 11.20 and we were home for 11.45.


Monday September 24, 1973

Boring morning at Benton. Christine and MM went to David's at 42, Tennyson Street, where I joined them at 2.0 o'clock. We played records and drank some cheap sort of sweet sherry until 5 o'clock. Christine angered me by say Chris 'influenced' me. What absolute rot!

Arrive home at 5.30. Salad for tea. Mother argues about my job again. I am determined not to leave school until November 27. What's seven weeks anyway? See 'Coronation Street' at 7.30.


Sunday September 23, 1973

I told John this morning that I would NOT be going out tonight. "I must cut my drinking habit to a minimum" I said. He laughed because he knew I would be sitting in one pub or another before the hour had gone 9pm. How right he was! Oh yes indeed.

How I do loathe Sundays - the feeling of impending doom (Monday morning) always hangs over ones head.

In the afternoon Mum, Dad, Lynn and Sue go to Pudsey to see Auntie Hilda and Co.

John and I have baths and listen to 'Solid Gold 60' on Radio 1. My, doesn't time fly? Hard to believe that John Philip Rhodes is 17 on Tuesday. Will he receive a card from Christine W? I ask this because they always seem very cool with each other - not like June and I were. Miss White was born on a very historic occasion - the 25th birthday of Princess Margaret. On that day HRH was eligible to marry above the reach of the Royal Marriages Act 1772. The poor dear decided not to. I hope she doesn't regret it now.

Dave collects us at 8.30 and we go to the Queen's, where I am terribly bored. I miss June tremendously - I don't know why. Can she be worth it?


To be coninued

Saturday September 22, 1973

Get up at 11 o'clock. That nice fellow Captain Phillips celebrates his 25th birthday today. I suspect that His Grace will be a major-general before Christmas (joking really). But seriously, it must be a terrifying experience to know that one has a mere 8 weeks of sanity left. After November 14 he will cease to be a Wiltshire nonentity and assume the splendours of royalty.

At 1.30 we go to MMs and leave in the Datsun for Elland Road and Leeds United. George Best is missing from the Manchester United squad - he must still be undergoing strict training. Unfortunately, it is a 0-0 draw. Leeds were the better side throughout. MM is infuriated with the negative result. Brings me home in the rain. Mother and Father are visiting Uncle Bert and Auntie Jadwega in Nottingham.

I eat a massive amount of food and ring Chris at 7 o'clock. He and Marita have a date and are not coming out with us until later. Andy and Christine W are meeting John and I in the Yorkshire Rose between 8 and 8.30. What a rotten pub it is! Andy has been supping since 7.30. See Judith Rushworth, who I keep bumping into in weird places. What a laugh she is! At 9.10 Andy and I go to the Thistle Wines and buy 8 pints of beer and 4 lager. We get on the 9.20 55 bus with John and Christine W. We have a laugh with the bus conductor - who always jokes with Andy. Back at Pine Tops at 9.40. Christine White's first visit to Pine Tops. Play records and sup ale. Chris and Marita arrive at 11 o'clock. They had been to Dick Hudson's - a horrid tip. Lynn and Sue arrive home at 1.0 and the party goes on until 2.30. Aren't we having a gay time lately?


Friday September 21, 1973

Groves today discovered that I do not wish to go to college next year. Christine told him in Current Affairs - which seems and appropriate time and place to tell him - but I was so surprised by Christine leaking my news that I had no satisfactory explanation for him. He was not upset and wants only what is best for me.

MM wants to know what is happening this evening. It's all in the air. Christine wants me to go out with a certain Helen Taylor, from the lower 6th. The poor girl fancies me, so I'm told. I cannot go out with any girl so soon after my broken affair with June - my only love. MM even offers me the keys to his house for tomorrow night so that I can take HT back there. I decline. However, I did accept his offer of a seat in the west stand at Leeds United. How could I refuse such hospitality?

Chris rings at 7 and says that Marita and he are going to the Tudor Bar at Burley. I ring Dave and he takes John and me. MM, Linda S, and Christine W also arrive. A very pleasant evening. We decide to go to the Pentagon in Bradford, but MM, Linda, Christine and Dave go home, leaving the five of us to fit into Marita's car. We all sit in the back singing 'Glory, Glory, Leeds United' - Andy wearing Marita's tin helmet. We stop off at our house so that I can put on a tie, and everyone settles down in our comfortable lounge and we remain there until nearly 2 o'clock. Playing records - yet again.



Thursday September 20, 1973

A shocking day. John and I get horribly wet going to the Emmotts. Andy, Chris and Peter Mather join us. MM joins us at 9.30. We all go (minus MM) to Andy's at 10.30 for coffee. Mrs Graham is very nice. Mr Graham brings us home at 11.30 - the poor man_________.

Bed at 12.0 o'clock.


Wednesday September 19, 1973

No comment

Tuesday September 18, 1973

No comment

Monday September 17, 1973

The start of yet another week at school. Saw the poor, desolate person, Mrs Sefton, on a corridor. The more I see of her the more I realise what a saint she is. How many people do you know who would be back in the classroom, telling everyone about the characteristics of the common earthworm, after being widowed for only two short weeks?


Sunday September 16, 1973

13th after Trinity. Wake up at about 10.30 to find myself in MMs morning room - on the floor. Poor Dave is also sprawled out near the stereo whilst John sleeps on the sofa. Dave wakes up and I climb into a chair and go back to sleep. Dave wakes me at 10.50 saying he cannot get out of the house. I look around a find a key - Dave is freed.

John and I play through MMs tapes. He gets up at 11.15 saying he was violently sick last night after going to sleep due to excessive alcohol. We make some breakfast. Hear on the 11.30 news that the old King of Sweden died last night. The old boy was ninety. MM brought John and I home at 12.0.

Later: Uncle Arnold, Auntie Janet and cousins Judith and Alison arrive at 7.45. Uncle Arnold puts so much emphasis on the unimportant things in life - i.e. examinations, examinations and more examinations, not forgetting examinations. Chris rang at 6.30 (with Andy listening in on his bedroom extension) - I played along with the game and they did not realise I knew he was listening in. We decide to go to the Queen's tonight. Ring Dave at 7. He picks John and I up at 8.30 - we collect Christine W at her house. Very enjoyable evening. MM and Linda arrived at 9 o'clock.

Uncle Arnold and family left at 11.30. I was home in bed for 12.0 o'clock.


Saturday September 15, 1973

Wake up on the sofa at 10.0 o'clock. Andy sleeps in the chair near the stereo. Andy is still in pain with his ankle but we laugh about it.Dave crawls downstairs 10 minutes later and is surprised to see Andy's ankle in a bandage. We tell him the story. He laughs it off & then goes home.

Because of the calamity Andy failed to get up at 8.0am for his trip to Aintree car racing - therefore, in order to avoid the wrath of his parents, we spend the day at Chris's - he goes out to work at 1.0pm. Poor Marita came at 1.30 with Dandy Doodles - Chris's mongrel, and in his excitment (DD's that is) he suddenly jerked Marita off the top step, and in the violent move she tore the heels from both her shoes. Kindly, she takes John and I home at 2.0. Andy, looking terribly bedraggled, falls onto the sofa and sleeps for nearly 2 hours. Mum and the girls come in and are surprised to see us. She (Mum) doesn't go berserk when we tell her we are to spend tonight out on the town again.

Leave again for Horsforth after 6. Andy and Chris are smoking like hell in the dining room. We laugh about eggs. They had chips (again) for tea. Dave comes at 7 o'clock. We go to the Fleece. Maggie Edwards sits with her lover in the corner. Say hello. Christine W and Linda S arrive at 8.30. See Liz Richardson who goes to college next week - poor creature.

At 10.30 we go to MMs - whose parents went to Ibiza tonight for 2 weeks. Andy goes home at 11.30. MM gets disgustingly drunk. Sit talking until 2.30am. Listen to 'Fog on the Tyne' by Lindisfarne and drop off to sleep at 2.45. I sleep in a chair.


Friday September 14, 1973

Awake at 7.30. Everyone leaves at 9.0 either for work or school. Uncle H going back to Wakefield.

I sit preparing my monarchy discussion until 11.30. Get the bus to school arriving at 12. I argue with Stott about funerals and the whole subject of people dying - he really is an uncultured brat.

Later: Christine and I hold our 6th form debate on the monarchy. Everyone dissolves when I say that the monarchy is good value for money compared with, say, the advertising for Kraft cheese slices - on which £7m per annum is spent. We cannot look at the monarchy is terms of tax payers money.

Later: John and I go to Chris's again. Find Andy preparing Chris's evening meal. Evidently, poor Chris is going on a pub crawl from work so before he even joins us he'll be stoned out of his tiny mind.

Another drunken escapade follows in the Fleece and we arrive back at Chris's house at 10.30 - after buying about 20 pints of beer at an off-licence. Very much like last Friday but minus Christine and Philip. Andy and I get awfully pissed and we both go buy some cigs at the machine outside Grandways at 4.30am. Whilst leaping over the large concrete plantpots Andy falls and hurts his ankle. I carry him back to Chris's - against his will. Chris and I bandage him up and then Chris makes John and I eggs and chips. Fall to sleep soundly until the following morning. Dave, the lucky blighter, was in a warm bed. I had the floor.


Thursday September 13, 1973

Grandfather's send off. Go to Benton Park in the morning and come home at 12.0. Mother, Dad and I leave for Pudsey to collect grandfather's oldest friend, Joe Dickinson. He seems upset when he gets in the car, and Dad diplomatically keeps him talking to prevent him dwelling on the sadness. Arrive at Liversedge, or was it Heckmondwike (?) at 1.30. The four of us go for a coffee. See Uncle Harry at 1.45.

The day is somewhat cold and overcast and the five of us go into the local park in order to kill time before 2.30. Auntie Janet comes running into the park to tell us that Auntie Jadwega is coming on the bus (from Nottingham) to Heckmondwike, where we can then meet her. By 2.30 she is still nowehere to be seen. We can do nothing but leave for the chapel of rest without her. Uncle Joe, Auntie Ethel, Jeremy and Janet and young Nicholas are coming down the street with Uncle John and Auntie Sheila. Arrive chapel for brief prayers. Grandma, looking very brave, with her sons, arrives. Thus, we are all assembled. Still no Auntie Jadwega.

Go to the crematorium, where Auntie Dorothy is waiting. No Uncle Les or family. Terrible service - the Salvation Army. It's not as though I have any prejudice against the Salvation Army, but they made it such a theatrical affair. It's not as if Grandfather ever possessed a tamborine. The cremation was terrible. All ultra-modern and repulsive.

It appealed very much to my sense of humour when, at the end, a hymn came on the record player and the curtains were drawn across the coffin. Somewhat like a Dave Allen sketch on tv. One cannot beat a good traditional burial. Auntie Janet was screaming at the end.

Leave at 3.10 for Grandma's at Nelson St, Liversedge, where about 20 members of the Rhodes family are gathered. Auntie Dorothy went immediately home of course. Pandemonium! Auntie Jadwega arrived in a taxi at 3.15 - all in black with a massive black umberella. (She's the Polish-born wife of Dad's brother, Uncle Bert). She was very distressed of having missed the funeral of her father-in-law. Still half in and half out of the taxi she was shouting in her thick Polish accent: "Oh I could cry. We go first to Wakefield, then to Barnsley Oh so slowly. I vos so mad." The noise she was making had everybody out on the street and Grandma with Auntie Janet came to investigate. She bounded from the car and embraced Grandma. "Oh I am so fumigated!" (I think she meant to say she was 'fuming' with rage and not fumigated.) Poor Auntie Eddy (her nickname) had come all the way from Nottingham only to remain at Grandma's for 10 minutes, clutching her big umberella between her massive knees. I think she must be 16st.

Anyway, I hope she really didn't mean 'fumigated' or else our house is lousy today. I may joke, but I love her really. Leave at 3.45. Take poor Joe Dickinson home and bring Auntie Jadwega back to Pine Tops for tea. Spend a quiet night. Mum is being experimented on by Aunt Jadwega, who is a masseuse.

After Dad had taken Eddy for her train at 8 he went out for a drink with Mum and Uncle Harry, my favourite uncle on Dad's side of the family. They came home at 12.0. with loads of drink, and we all sat until 2am. Uncle H stayed the night.

What a day!



Wednesday September 12, 1973

I am really sick of school. I cannot work or think straight. History is all muddled and I do not care whether I pass an examination ever again or not. My love for June shadows all other things. How will I ever come to terms with the fact that I will never see her again? I have no money either. What a terrible state I am in.

Later: Chris rings me and asks me to go round to finish the 'spare' beer off which is surplus from the party last Saturday._____________(censored). Marita arrived and sat with me all evening. Andy and I nearly choked over a joke which is far too obscene to record here in my diary, however I will record it leaving out some letters from the dirty word:

'Mary had a little pig,
She couldn't stop it gruntin'
So she stood it up against a wall,
and kicked it's little c_nt in.'

John and I got the 32 bus at 11.20 with Andy and arrive home exactly at 12.


Tuesday September 11, 1973

Mother says I have looked terrible since going back to school, but I realise that school is not the reason why I look the way I do. My heart is shattered. I have never felt so sick. Never did I imagine that June would leave my life so soon after becoming a major part of it. She will have received my letter this morning.

Grandfather is to be cremated at Dewsbury on Thursday. I am going. Mother never expected me to go. John does not wish to miss work. Dad spent the day with Grandma and accompanied her to the Register Office to record the demise of that great Matriarch, who, for nearly 63 years, reigned over an Empire consisting of one third of the world's population. (Surely, you're thinking of Queen Victoria ?)

When I think about it I am glad I did not get into college. I will not apply next year. I love home far too much to go chasing round County Durham for three long, moneyless years. I have made my mind up to find a job - what sort of job I do not know. But one thing is certain, education ends for me in November.


Monday September 10, 1973

School uneventful. Thought about June all the time. No matter how much I try to forget her I cannot. Get home by 4.30 and write her a lengthy, dramatic letter saying how much I love her, and always will do. Send it in the 7.30 post.

Later: John asks me to join him and Christine W at the Emmotts - I am reluctant at first but agree after a little persuasion. Whilst on the bus John is looking out of the window and remarks how much a passing girl looks like June. And it was June! I leapt from the bus at the next stop, John with me, and I approached her rather cautiously. We went for a walk which lasted one whole hour. Neither of us mentioned the separation. God! How I love her! Sue B stood with John until Christine arrived in the car with Marita. I told J of the letter. Afterwards, I did realise that she would not go back out with me again. But my seeing her helped to delay the coming heartbreak. I will never look at another girl without thinking of her. June will be my only love.


Sunday September 9, 1973

I awake on a very small sofa at the residence of Mr C.H. Ratcliffe and discover that I am still intoxicated. John and MM laugh at me. Chris is preparing a chicken for lunch in the kitchen. I proceed to polish off another pint of ale along with a coffee at the same time. My head feels terrible. The day is very hot and sticky and the sun is blinding me through the windows.

Evidently, between 4-6.0am I sat near the stereo wearing Chris's headphones crying like a baby whilst listening to a Tamla Motown LP. I dislike Tamla, but it wasn't the cause of my distress - it was my devastation over the loss of June, made much worse by the exessive alcohol. I yelled for two hours solidly!

The party was really fantastic and poor Dave, who has never been in such a state before, went home on the bus with his trousers all covered in vomit. Andy left at 8.15 this morning - poor soul.

MM goes at 1pm and then John and I catch a bus. I feel really sick, still wearing my 'Teddy Killer' T-shirt I board the 1.30 33 bus - all other passengers clad in best Sunday clothes. Spend the remainder of the day relaxing quietly.

Rang Mother at 1.0pm from Chris's and she says Dad spent the night with Grandad, who is critical. They go back at 6pm. Uncle Harry rings at midnight to say he died at 11.50 pm. Although I was not even fond of him I cannot help feeling rather sad. Bed 12.15.


Saturday September 8, 1973

John and I go to Bradford in the morning and he buys the LP 'Never a Dull Moment' by Rod Stewart. The day is very hot and Bradford is sweltering. Rush home for lunch.

At 1.15 John and I walk down to Silverdale where Geoff Saxton gives us a lift to watch Leeds United play Birmingham. A 3-0 victory for the boys! We go immediately to Chris's and let ourselves in whilst he's at work. He is home by 6.15 and we have a meal together. Andy joins us at 8 and we all have very large Bacardis. When Marita arrives at 8.30 we are well on the way to getting drunk. Chris drinks his in the bath. John, Andy and me move on to the Fleece 8.45 where the rest of the gang awaits our triumphal arrival.

Later: the party at the Ratcliffe residence begins at 10.30. Andy and I are stoned already. We make a few practical jokes and Linda throws his clothes out of the bedroom window. Dave got drunk tonight for the first time in his life! He, along with Christine and Philip, played strip pontoon in the lounge. Philip had his trousers off before even his shirt. Why? Why? Wh? I ask myself.

At 3.30 Andy, Chris and me walked to Grandways for twenty cigarettes. We finished up dancing in the large concrete flower pots outside one of the shops. At 4.0 everyone went to bed leaving me with a Tamla Motown LP -what a terrible effect it had on me.


Wednesday September 5, 1973

A letter arrives from Middleton St George confirming just what I expected - they do not want me - this year anyway. Revise Napoleon I all day in the library. I took in a pile of records dating mainly from 1971. At leat they are more interesting than Donovan, etc.

Sit at lunchtime sharing my sandwiches with Christine. Oh, remember the days when I spent lunchtimes with June? Christine saw June in Horsforth the other day. She asked about me but is still enjoying herself deliriously. She went to the Mecca and Hoffbrau with Sue Bottomley last week. I would love things to revert to how they existed only several weeks ago. Michael Stott does not mention her name, although he must still be calling on her with Paul Tasker. I hold no grudge against the boy. Why can't she forget about the past? What can I have possibly done wrong anyway? I will write yet-again, begging her to reconsider. When I look back in the diary I realise what good times we used to share. Now it's all over. No wonder I cannot worry about my future career. What is to be enjoyed in life without June?


Tuesday September 4, 1973

Get up at 7.45. Arrive Benton 8.55. The new lower sixth certainly look like a bunch of cabbages. Christine is horrified by them. See Mrs Lane for ten minutes. She is determined to see me pass the 'A' level in November - whether I like it or not!

Later: Ring Chris and tell him that Mr Sefton died on Saturday. (Mrs Sefton is senior mistress at Benton Park). He is shocked. The poor old boy had cancer and knew he was dying last Christmas.

See the 6 o'clock news. Mark Phillips flew to Kiev this afternoon. Before the week is out all the Royal Family might be on Russian soil! Mum says that Phillips seemed terribly shy when he was interviewed on tv last Saturday. He stutters badly. Poor soul, he may turn out to be another George VI - and if he has his qualities the Royal Family will not go far wrong.

Go to the Emmotts at 8.30. Andy Graham, Chris, Christine W are there. Andy brings his 'love metre' - very amusing. MM arrives at 9 & remains until 10.40. Go to chippie. MM brings everyone home except Chris and Andy - feel rotten about them being left out - but MM insists that only 5 people can travel in the Datsun. Bed by 11.30.


Monday September 3, 1973

A very important day for the USSR and for me. They had a visit from Prince Philip and I returned to Benton Park. I cannot decide which is the more important of the two.

Go to Benton at 9 and discover, to my horror, that I am now the oldest pupil in the 6th form and thus in the entire school. How horrid. I am the sole survivor from last year's upper 6th. I now know just how Lord de Courcey felt in 1936 when he found himself the last survivor of the 'Charge of the Light Brigade': ANCIENT!

Spend the day planning the timetable and listening to Groves rambling on. See Mrs Lane and Mr Ayling. Both unnecessarily sympathetic. Sit with Christine, MM, Liz Clap, and Maggie Edwards.

Prince Philip, God bless him, became the first prince of the UK to visit the USSR since before 1917. I suspect that he's gone ahead to plan a state visit by the Queen in a couple of years time. Prince Philip was certainly in his element with all that informality. Princess Anne is already at Kiev and Mark Phillips is going either tomorrow or on Wednesday.

Spend the evening watching the television. Bed by 12.0.


Sunday September 2, 1973

11th after Trinity. Awake at 9 o'clock. John was already up awaiting the arrival of Dave, who is chauffeuring me to York and Rufforth today. He arrived at 9.10.

Later: Marita, Chris, John, Christine W, MM, Linda, Dave and I set off for York. By 10.45 we are all standing outside York Minster - very impressive without all the terrible scaffolding which has dominated the building since the mid 1960s. We go see the Shambles. I am not very impressed this time. At 12.0 we leave for Rufforth after pilaging a restaurant for cheese and tomato sandwiches to take away. We eat in a field near the rather bleak-looking airport. MM produces the wine out of his car boot - a very middle class tradition indeed - but Dave thinks it tastes like old vinegar.

Even later:watch stock car racing until nearly 7.30. Very exciting. But it is rather cold and wet after 6. A bombastic woman knocked Dave's car door several times and he stuck two fingers up at her - very unusual for Dave.

Go into York and have a meal on the riverside. MM suggests that we go to the 'Tavern in the Town' - very nice, but several soldiers are carrying on very strangely - they must have been queers. One does find a lot of homosexuals in the armed forces. Hardly surprising really.

Amusing journey home. Back at Pine Tops by 11.55. John came home with Marita and Christine W. Can it be wedding bells for baby brother?


Saturday September 1, 1973

Get up at 11.55. Christine rang at 12.0. It tell her that at 4 o'clock this morning Dave and I flattened the battery of his car due to parking on the moor with the headlights on full beam in a sorry attempt to locate her bracelet. I assured C that we revived the car successfully.

At 1.0 I went to Leeds to be photographed for the college of education bods. The photos look groggy. Home by 3.0 after buying the 'Amateur Photographer' which contained royal photos of, and by, the Royal Family. See film - 'The Barretts of Wimpole Street'. Beef for dinner.

Later: John, who is now very attached to Christine White, accompanies me to the Queen's, where we are joined by her, Philip, Christine, Mick and Lynne. They stay until 10.0. John, Christine W, and I go home on the 10.30 bus. After depositing C at Yeadon, John and I go on to the nicest fish and chip shop in Guiseley. Walk home with Dobby - an old friend of Johns. Home by 12 o'clock. Seee a rather thrilling film. Bed for 1.15. An early start tomorrow.

Christine was very amused at last night. Thank Goodness, because she was so upset at the time.


Friday August 31, 1973

Woke at 8.15 with the terrible realisation that I had overslept again. But it all fits my plans admirably. I decide to stay at home until 10.0 when I go into school with Christine and MM to see Groves.

Have a little breakfast and read my book about the Duchess of Portsmouth.

Arrive at Benton simultaneously with MM and Christine. They bring the new cups for the 6th form. Don't see Groves until 12.0. He advies me to wait until I have heard from the college, but to go into school until I do. Term starts on Monday. Go back to see Bill and tell him I'm going back. He wishes me good luck - again. Mess about with the bus shelters until 4.30.

Later: Dave picks John and me up and we go to the Fleece. Christine and Philip are saving seats for us. MM and Linda Smith arrive later. We go to the Intercon at the Cow and Calf at 10.30. Christine, in answer to the call of nature, visits Pine Tops for the first time. She thinks it's extremely cosy. Andy and I make attempts to get very drunk - successfully. Poor Philip went through £8. A very bizarre occurrence took place at 2.30am on Saturday morning. Dave and Christine decided to go for a walk on Ilkley Moor whilst Philip and I slept in his car. Ten minutes later I'm awakened by Dave laughing but minus Christine. To my horror we find Christine unconscious in a four-foot pot hole in the heather. I thought at first that she was dead. After a ten minute struggle we have her back in the car - bruised but alive. Alas, she had lost her bracelet, and in her drunken state, she began to cry. Philip slept on. We take her to Pine Tops for a strong coffee. At 3.35 Dave and I take C home and then return to Ilkley Moor in search of the precious bracelet - sadly, to no avail. Bed by 4.35am.



Thursday August 30, 1973

It all became official today. June notified me. Got up at 6.45. Bill sends Andy and me to do the bus shelters at Rawdon traffic lights - horrid job indeed. After break he sends me to Henshaw to paint all the clothes posts. Laughable day. Brian Jilkes is such a scream.

The weather reminds me of April. Too wet to paint (fantastic). Do not finish my task by 4.0 which means I will have to complete it tomorrow. However, I intend going into school tomorrow at 10.30 to see Groves. MM and Christine are also going in. At White Cross on the way home, I see Dad in the car, and so I left my bust to accost my chauffeur. Mother is with him. She tells me of a letter awaiting from June. As I imagined, she never wants to see me again.

Lynn and I go to Bradford Library at 7.30. She joins in order to obtain suitable literature for her CSE projects. By coincidence, I joined the library one year ago today. Home at 9.15. Sit with a martini reading a biography of Louise, Duchess of Portsmouth, a mistress of King Charles II.

Feeling horrid about June. But I cannot beg her to take me back. What wrong have I done?


Wednesday August 29, 1973

Terrible day. I failed my Economics - grade 7. Why, why, why, must I always mess up my examinations? I needed them so much. Mother and Father are very disappointed, but we 'celebrate' with a bottle of wine over dinner. MM, whop got grade 2, rings at 6.30. He and Christine found my result this morning. Christine was horror struck.

John and I go the Emmotts at 8.30. He meets Christine White. Chris and Marita join us at 9.30.

I am totally undecided about what to do. Should I pack up with further education and find a job? I just do not know. MM brings everyone home at 11 after fish and chips. Bed by 11.30.

PS - Princess Anne is now in Kiev for those horse trials. She is the first member of the British Royal Family to visit the USSR.


Tuesday August 28, 1973

Today I look madly around for reasons why June should cast me off. I conjure up the idea that she hasn't even given me up! Suppose she's been taken away for the Bank Holiday by Christine and John? But no, she would have told me. I will have to face up to the fact she is sick of me. God. It is all so odd.

A hot day spent painting garage doors behind the Stone Trough at Rawdon. Andy looks so different since having his hair cut on Saturday. Have crisp sandwiches for lunch. See Bill briefly this afternoon.

Later: Chris rang me and begged John and I to go the Emmotts. We agree. Poor MM is a nervous wreck worrying about the results of the 'O' level Economics which are to be released tomorrow. Evidently, he saw Darryl today, who heard from Tasker, that June in finishing with me. Big deal! I have known this for two whole miserable days now. Andy Graham, John and I get the 10.40 55 bus. Home for just after 11 o'clock.

We are probably goint to Rufforth stock car racing on Sunday - making a day of it. What a busy week we are all having! I think they are all doing it to keep my mind off June. Cowie, Dale and Willie (who passed his driving test today) were in the Emmotts tonight. All were shocked to hear about June. God. It all seems so strange without her.


Monday August 27, 1973

Bank Holiday Monday. Wake up at 10 o'clock. Sick and worried to death. Never did I think June would leave me like this. But, I suppose that's life.

Grab the 'Daily Mail' to read about the King of Sweden, and to my amazement see that the Liberals are now as popular as the Conservatives. Mr Thorpe could well be PM in 1974. Dad thinks it will take many years for the Liberals to obtain the necessary majority - he is usually correct in these matters.

Later: Mother says I am moody simply because I have been deserted by June. Isn't that a very good excuse to be moody? I loved her very much, and still do.

John and I go to the Emmotts at 8.30 after seeing 'Carry on Screaming' - really hilarious.

Linda Smith, MM, Chris, Marita, John and Christine W, Andy Graham and me. No June. The Emmotts harbours such good memories.

Dave comes at 9.30 and we go in his car to the Queen's. Chris goes with Marita in her car, and everyone else goes with MM. Stay until 11 o'clock. Dave and I have tremendous fun coming home. Hiding on Hawksworth Lane with the car lights off in order to surprise MM. What children we are!


Sunday August 26, 1973

Re-gain consciousness at 12.20pm. Lunch at 12.30. Very nice meal. Take a bath immediately afterwards. Sit up to my neck in steaming water listening to Alan Freeman with his records from the last 15 years. Very nostalgic indeed. Relax in the lounge with Mother and John until tea.

Later: ring Dave. He is collecting John and myself at 8.15 - taking us to the Emmotts. Ring Chris shortly afterwards. The poor soul went through £3.50 yesterday! I thought my £2.50 was bad enough.

Father, in one of his moods, acts terribly. He wants to go to Wakefield to see his father. Lynn hates the idea and starts crying. Nevertheless, Dad takes Mother off in the car. Lynn is still crying when Dad comes back a few minutes later begging forgiveness. They all go out together. By 8 o'clock they are all back - completely happy.

Hear on the 6 o'clock news that King Gustav Adolf of Sweden is even worse. He will probably die before morning. After all, the old boy is 90. His daughter, the Queen Mother of Denmark, is 70!

Later still: Dave picks John and me up. Go to the Emmotts where all the crowd sit drinking in a bored sort of way. At 9.15 we go to the Queen's. MM and Chris are more concerned about the 'June business' than I am. If she doesn't want to contact me then it's her affair. I am too proud to worry about this.


Saturday August 25, 1973

Wake up at 9 o'clock. Feeling awfully sick. Lay motionless until 9.30. Go to the kitchen and have a grapefruit to re-vitalize my parched tonsils. Go back to bed until 11 o'clock.

Read Princess Margaret. Have a bath. By lunchtime I haven't improved. Sit listening to Rachmaninov at full volume. Mother at hairdresser. Father in garden. 'Roll over Beethoven' - fantastic.

June rings at 1.30. She is not coming out tonight and doesn't give an excuse. I say nothing much and she puts down the receiver after 3 minutes. Very poignant. It could be very upsetting if I thought about it.

Chris rang at 6.20. MM rang at 6.25. John and I leave for MMs at 7.30. He takes us down to the Ratcliffe residence where Linda, Christine W and Marita arrive almost simultaneously. Leave for the Highlander in the Merrion Centre, Leeds. A new pub but lacking in atmosphere. Go to Cinderella Rockerfella's at 10. Really classy. Dance and drink until 2.30am. MM and Linda, Chris and Marita, John and Christine pair off - I am the odd one out. Leave at 2.30. MM and Chris leave in the Datsun. Marita drives John, Christine, Linda and myself home. Not drunk and only partially tired. Bed at 3.10am.


Friday August 24, 1973

Work again. Ring Mum at 12.45. The 'O' level results are not at Benton yet. It will be Wednesday before I find out now. Not particularly bothered. I am numb. I feel no happiness and no sadness.

I do realise that June feels nothing for me. I have pretended to ignore it since the holiday. Those blasted holidays. We were so much in love until Friday July 13. The months separation proved too much. Our loved died. It is not my fault. I have tried to bring back the old spirit. My letters fail to please her. Stott and Tasker have turned her away from me. I no longer care about anything.

She rings me at 7 and says she will be at the Emmotts for 8. Arrives at 8.30.She is terrible to me. For some time I hate the very sight of her. Chris, MM, Linda Smith, Christine White and Judith Lea ask us to go back to MMs. Drink whisky until 3am. June and Judith are taken home at 11.20 by MM. Chris gets horribly drunk. I sit in the kitchen with him leaving John and Christine W, MM and Linda in the main lounge.


Thursday August 23, 1973

Pay day yet again. John and I make a feeble attempt to catch a bus. Arrive in Guiseley in a terrible mood. I am ususally a placid character, but I wouldn't say shy. Tonight though I feel very angry. I only ever experience such anger several times a year.

John wants to go for a drink so we go into the Drop - can't stand the place myself. Ask the tarty looking landlady for two pints of bitter. She answers: "Don't you mean two shandies?" After a five minute argument about our ages I tell her to "fuck off". I will never darken the doorstep of that place again.

Disturbed that June did not contact me. She thinks I am unaware of her drifting away from me.


Wednesday August 22, 1973

Uneventful day at work. Go to the library at 7. Mum and Dad go see Auntie Hilda and Uncle Tony. Lynn, Sue and Alison walked to Pudsey earlier this morning.

Get a book on Princess Margaret and sit at home reading of the Townsend epidemic of 1953-56. Very, very sad. The Queen doesn't come out of it very well.

See Hayley Mills in a film. Bed at 11 o'clock. June rang whilst I was out.


Tuesday August 21, 1973

Poor old Princess Margaret celebrates a birthday today. Bless her. It's hard to believe that 18 years ago this month she and Peter Townsend were at the climax of their pathetic romance. I suppose she should have married him, but the family ties and the interfering Archbishop of Canterbury persuaded her to do otherwise. The princess is not popular these days. People seem to think she's idle. But who wants a 43 year-old photographers wife opening the local municiple swimming baths when Princess Anne is available?

In twenty years time when Prince Charles is himself a daddy, Princess Anne will also be cast to one side and only brought out onto the balcony on very rare occasions. That's the way it goes.



Monday August 20, 1973

God what a day. Go into school at 2 o'clock. See from a list on Groves desk that I have failed my History 'A' level. The horrid little sheet of paper said: 'History: four entries, three passes.' It just had to be me. They gave me an 'O' level pass. Dave got two Cs. I already have history 'O' level so it's useless really.

Dave and I take Chid to Horsforth College of Further Education - June goes there on September 14. Chid must fancy his chances.

Later. Dave and I go to see MM. Sit with him sipping very miky coffee. MM is very sorry about my failing. Go home at 6.0. Mum very sad.

John and I meet June and Susan in the Emmotts at 8 o'clock. I take my crank letter with me (received another one today). Chris enjoys reading them and looks very pale. Susan Bottomley is a very strange child indeed. I do hope that John doesn't take her out.


Sunday August 19, 1973

9th after Trinity. Can't be bothered to write anything constructive. Who cares anyway? I certainly do not.

Saturday August 18, 1973

Receive a letter from a crank concerning my views on the Royal Family. It consists of the following: 'I have just read your letter (Anne's Navy) in todays Mail. And would like to state the following. The British monarchy is now a luxury which we, the British public, cannot afford unless more barmy bastards like yourself wish to support like there shit the whole business of Anne and Mark Phillips stinks....' The old illiterate went on for hours in similar mode. Poor soul. It was posted in Lancashire.

Later: feeling very lazy and do not intend straining my already weakening brain with trivia. Sorry for disappointing you. Bye bye.


Friday August 17, 1973

Unknown to me, the 'A' Level results were released today. Dave didn't find out about them until Chris rang him at 6. Oh Lord! Poor Chris failed both Biology and Geography. What a weekend of torture I am in for.

Spend the morning at St Andrew's Close with Andy, who takes the afternoon off from 12.30. I carry alone through the afternoon until 5.

June and I decided yesterday to go out on Saturday and so John and I went to the Emmotts at 8.30. Little Helen Willis and Denise came in with poor Chris, and Sue Crosby who got her two 'A' levels. What a very enjoyable night it is. Helen wants John, MM, Chris and I to go back to Liz Peddie's but due to transport difficulties we decide not to. MM brings John and I home.

Come home to see a Vincent Price film - 'House of Usher' - quite a load of old rubbish really.


Thursday August 16, 1973

Pay day again. £16.99. Give Mama £10 out of the goodness of my little heart. Anyway, I owe her £35 for the Italian holiday.

Awakened at 8.15 by Mum informing me that I have over-slept. Dad rushes me to St Andrew's Close in the car. Andy wonders 'where the hell' I've been. Fortunately, Bill is nowhere to be seen.

Another hot, humid day. Arrive home at 5.30 to find my letter published in the Daily Mail. They, in thinking they have corrected a mistake in my letter, make the mistake of referring to the royal yacht as 'HMS' instead of the correct 'HMY'. But what a thrill it is!

Dave rings me about the letter. Evidently, Mr Lawson saw it whilst devouring breakfast.

At 8 John and I meet June in the Emmotts. Another night of useless arguing. But by 11 we reach an understanding. We are going to refrain from talking about subjects of a controversial nature. In fact, she says she will never mention the Royal Family to me again. I love her still anyway.


Wednesday August 15, 1973

A very pleasant day, and in the afternoon, tremendously hot. Princess Anne is 23 today. Her last birthday of spinsterhood. Next year she will be Mrs Phillips.

Come home from work to find Uncle Harry having tea. He took Dad, Mum, Lynn and Susan to the Commercial at Esholt at 1.0 this afternoon. What a beautiful life these idle rich lead!

Uncle H is the bearer of sad tidings. Grandfather, it seems, will not be with us when the leaves on the trees turn to gold and fall off. Yes, Santa Claus will have one customer less this Christmas.

When Uncle H goes home at 6 Mum and Dad decide to pay a call on grandfather and they come back with a sad story indeed. The old boy looks to have lost 6 stones. But, he hasn't lost his apetite... I never imagined for one moment that he would.


Tuesday August 14, 1973

Hear from the Daily Mail. They tell me they intend to publish my 'interesting' letter shortly. Knew they would do all along.

A really beautiful day. One of the hottest days in 20 years. Andy and I still at Larkfield.

Home at 5.30 - have a meal, wash and change, and catch the 55 bus to Yeadon. June already waiting outside the picture house. Go in at 6.20. She likes 'Owl and the Pussycat' a lot more than 'Bonnie and Clyde'. Quite natural for a girl I suppose. B and C was probably too bloody for her.

At 10.20 we set off on a walk round Yeadon. She gets the bus at 11 o'clock to Horsforth. I got a 55 at the bottom of Henshaw Lane. Home by 11.45.

Auntie Hilda, Uncle Tony and the girls are paying us a visit. They all sit about devouring fish and chips. Mine are in the cooker. Bid farewell to relations and bed at 12.45.


Monday August 13, 1973

Up with the larks at 6.40. Make my way to Greenacre Hall for 7.30. Andy and I move from the Henshaw bungalows to Ivy Fitton's estate up Larkfield Mount.

The sun is really hot. Clean and paint gutters until 4.30 when Bill arrives. Sit behind the matron's house until nearly 5 o'clock.

June rings me at 7.0 o'clock and she says she wants to see 'Owl and the Pussycat' tomorrow. I certainly don't mind seeing it again. It will make it the third time in 2 years. Dave and I first saw it in 1972.

See 'Coronation Street' again. Glad June and I are going out tomorrow. Bed 11.30.


Sunday August 12, 1973

8th after Trinity. June and I make no arrangements to go out tonight. Lynn aks John and I to escort her, Susan and Al to the cinema. I immediately agree.

'Bonnie and Clyde' and 'Owl and the Pussycat'. Both very good films. Commences at 6.20. Barbra Streisand in 'Owl and the Pussycat' is fantastic. I will love her forever.

We all pile out of the cinema at 10.20 after watching Bonnie and Clyde shot for the second time this evening! Having arrived at 6.15 we watched the last five minutes of B and C before the second house began. It ruined the entire evening for Lynn.


Saturday August 11, 1973

Awake at 10.0am. John awakes and realises he should gave gone to work at 7.30. June rings at 10.30. She has a guilty conscience and wants to go to Leeds with me this afternoon. We meet at 2 at the bus station. John comes along too.

June is very apologetic about last night - wearing a pretty blue coat with a belt (1940s style).

I buy 'Raphsody on a theme by Paganini' by Serge Rachmaninov - very moving; and 'Roll over Beethoven' by the Electric Light Orchestra. Coming home we decide to meet outside JCT600 and walk to the Queen's on Apperley Lane. Arrive 8 o'clock. Very warm, typical August evening.

Arrive at the pub at 8.30. Christine and Philip are inside with Philip's brother, Mick. The Knowles family are disgustingly generous - Mick even paid my bus fare back to Rawdon.

June and I spend an hour in Rawdon Park - very romantic. Evidently, June's mother's first husband died on a British ship in World War II - and yet she cannot understand why Christine (Hobson) is bitter about Germans!

Home by 11.30.


Friday August 10, 1973

Get up at 6.45. Make black coffee for my flask because the dear old milkman has not delivered yet. Arrive at the huts, just off Queensway, at 7.15. Geoff and Andy arrive first, then Eric, whom I find detestable. Bill goes mad at 8 when Stuart is still not here. Brian and Woody have a days holiday. Spend the time up to 9 emptying the huts. Move the huts by 11.45 to the Henshaw bungalows. Bill, Geoff and Eric go home for lunch. Andy goes up Yeadon for our fish and chips and doesn't get back until 12.50. Bill arrives back before I start eating!

A very hot and humorous afternoon. We sit in the huts listening to the cricket and eating ice cream (with gracious permission of Bill). Geoff and I screw up the sides of the huts in order to render them habitable.

Meet June at the Emmotts at 8.30. John chats to Sue Crosby inside. June and I sit in the bus shelter until nearly 9 o'clock. Oh! She looked beautiful. Our first meeting since July 12! A whole month. But she was in a dreadful, bitchy and awful mood. I walked out once and left her! I ask her to go to Leeds with me tomorrow afternoon, but she refuses. And, won't give me an excuse.
The end of the evening is ruined. Home by 11.45.


Thursday August 9, 1973

Get up at 6.50. Dreadfully cold, almost wintry day again. Spend the whole day finishing the spouts at Henshaw.

Very upset about not hearing from June since Monday. She rings at 7. I tell her about the trouble with the phone number, which I had explained in yesterday's letter. She quite understands. Decide to go out on Friday instead of tonight. Relieved that she's contacted me. Blimey! I thought THE end had come!

After watching the 9 o'clock news I write to the 'Daily Mail' opposing the views expressed yesterday by a correspondent re Princess Anne and Mark Phillips. Hope they publish it.

Go to bed at 11.30.


Wednesday August 8, 1973

A perishingly cold, bleak day! My cold, however, is greatly improved.

Andy and I paint the inside of the garage doors again - an emergency operation only ever carried out in the rain. No word from Bill about quitting the force. Andy and I disgracefully laugh at this.

Write to June, who still does not contact me. Also write to the 'Daily Express' in answer to a silly old bag who suggested in a letter that Princess Anne and Mark Phillips should take 'needy' honeymoon couples on the Royal Yacht Britannia when they marry in November. What rot!
How many people in this world would take a pack of complete strangers away on honeymoon with them? Princess Anne may be the daughter of the reigning sovereign of Gt Britain but she's no saint...


Tuesday August 7, 1973

Rains all day. Had rum in my flask again. By evening my cold is greatly improved.

Watch tv. See 'The Winslow Boy' at 6.30. A very good film indeed. Makes English justice seem perfect. Bed 10.30.


Monday August 6, 1973

Feeling terrible. Rains solidly all day. Cold worsening. I put a large shot of rum in my flask and battle through nine hours of painting garage doors, three handkerchiefs and two phensic tablets.
So glad to be home at 5.30.

June rings at 7. So wonderful to hear her voice again. Fortunately she doesn't want to go out tonight - I am in no fit state. We decide to leave it until Friday evening.

See 'Coronation Street'. Bed 10.30. This cold ought to have cleared by tomorrow.


Sunday August 5, 1973

7th after Trinity. Awake feeling rather ill. Last nights chase around Horsforth in torrential rain cannot have helped the situation. By lunchtime I realise I am not going to get through next week without bearing the burden of a terrible illness. By 6.0 I cannot stop sneezing.

Sit through a Peter Sellers film which is very funny, but by 10.30 I am in a shocking state. Go to bed with a rum coffee, hot water bottle and two phensic tablets. Sleep soundly.


Saturday August 4, 1973

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother is 73. It is such a shame that she outlived her husband for such a long time. Not that I would have wanted her to pre-decease him. But, it must be much more enjoyable for couples to die together. Poor Bertie, forever fixed at 57, waiting up in Heaven for Queen Elizabeth to join him. But without her, Gt Britain would be an unhappier place.

John and I go to the Emmotts at 7.30 but only dear Sue Crosby is to be seen. At 9 we decide to go to Horsforth to see Sue Bottomley and enquire whether June will ever be coming back to Britain.

Poor Sue answers the door standing in the dark, wearing only her night clothes. She says June will be back late on Sunday, or early on Monday.

Oh to think that next week we will be back to sanity at last! Make full speed for Sue Crosby's. A terrible evening and John and I get soaked - we decide to abandon Sue and come home. Arrive home very wet at 11.30.


Wednesday August 1, 1973

Get up at 6.55. Chid stands smiling whilst I grope across the room towards the door. Waking John up, I grab my bag, bid farewell to the assembled guests and chase to the Old Ball where a 55 bus arrives seconds later. Arrive at the paint store at 7.25. Andy arrives at 7.50 - very late.

We do nothing until Bill Dixon arrives at 9. Spend the remainder of the day doing spouts at the store. The weather is very fine, but far too hot for working in. Roll on rain.

Hear on the 3.30 news that Princess Anne is to have only the one bridesmaid, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones. Prince Edward will be the only other attendant. The Royal couple leave for Barbados on Nov 15 and return to Britain on Dec 16, after doing the Caribbean on Britannia.

See 'Coronation Street' and retire to bed after viewing tv all evening.


Tuesday July 31, 1973

Arrive at work at 7.20. Don't get into the store until 7.40. Andy arrives late. Spend the day 'spouting' again.

Go to Sue Crosby's party in the evening after meeting all the 6th form in the Emmotts. Dave arrives. Denise is drunk and infatuated with poor John - they go out for a walk. Sue C, the sweet darling, retires to bed at 1 whilst a merry throng, including MM and I, sit with wine and cigs until 3. I slept in a rocking chair from 3 till 6.55. Chid is such a funny guy. Cheryl (one of Christine's contemporaries) made a terrible racket. Generally a very enjoyable, amusing party with the usual clique of guests who turn any mundane party into a swinging orgy of fun, frolics and eroticisms. I do wish June was home in Great Britain. What a good time we would have had.


Monday July 30, 1973

Start working for Aireborough Council again. My life as a council painter begins once more.

Get up at 6.30 and arrive at the paint store at 7.0. Oh Heavens, yes. I have got the times wrong again, and I arrive half an hour too early. The storekeeper is not amused. Andy Dale, an old pal from last year, arrives at 7.40. Begin inspecting the roof of the stores in preparation for painting. Generally, not a hectic day. I leave at 4. Everyone else does overtime and go home at 5.


Saturday July 28, 1973

Arrive back in England. Home. Bed at 1am. Back in England's green and pleasant land.

It was a very rough, unpleasant crossing from Belgium. Everyone sick - except me. I quite enjoyed it.


Saturday July 14, 1973

Awake at about 5.30. A fantastically comfortable night. By 6.30 we are in the centre of London. Denny wanted to see Buckingham Palace but the coach avoided the Mall by about 100 yards. Pull into Victoria Coach Station shortly afterwards.

We go into a terrible cafe called The Chuck Wagon. Denny felt sick with the smell of it. John, who felt sick before going in, came out greatly improved. We carried the luggage up the road to Victoria Railway Station. Denny has never been on a train before in her whole life!

On board the train we meet the Cosmos crowd for the first time. We board the 'Princess Elizabeth' just after 9 o'clock. Sail for France at 9.45. A beautiful, calm crossing. See Ostende on the horizon at about 1 o'clock. Unbearably hot weather already. We are all very excited. Sit with Denny as we dock. By 3 we have been introduced to the Cosmos courier, Mary Ann, and we board the sleek coach and we are on our way across Europe...Belgium, Germany, Austria....


Friday July 13, 1973

Probably my very last day at Benton Park. Quite a crowd turns up. Dave and I promise to meet Christine, Philip and MM in the Fleece at 7.30 on August 31.

The weather is really terrible, and after bidding farewell to the old school I walk to the bus stop in horrid rain. Home by 5.

On arriving home I find everyone in an excited panic. Mum and Dad have packed all up. Lynn and Sue can hardly breathe with the excitement of it all. By 8 we are waiting to go. Denny arrives at 8.30 with her parents, who go at 9.45. Denny settles down immediately with the girls. Dave arrives by 10 with his Papa. Major Smith and Mrs Smith come round shortly afterwards and pile all our luggage in the cars. Michael Smith takes Mum and Dad in his car. Leave for Leeds at 10.30. A really torrential rainstorm follows. Mrs Smith, who takes John, Dave and I, cannot see the road in front of us. Arrive Leeds at 10.50. Maj. Smith and the girls in the Rover get lost, but they find us after 5 minutes. The coach leaves at 11 and after a terrible incident in Barnsley with hooligans around the bus, I settle down to sleep.


Thursday July 12, 1973

June comes to school at 3.30. At 4 we walk down to the bus stop at Greenacre Hall. She goes at 4.20. Feeling very strange I walk back to the 6th form where Christine and Michael Stott are larking around. Go home on the 5 o'clock bus.

Christine and I are the last people out of the block, leaving Mary to her devices.

Sad, quiet evening.


Wednesday July 11, 1973

Write June a farewell letter and take it up to the Emmotts with me. Our last meeting until the second week in August. John sits with Susan Bottomley inside the pub until 10.30, whilst at 10 June and I go for a short walk. We make our sad farewells - only temporary ones of course.

After all the sad speeches we decide to meet at 3.30 tomorrow afternoon. Rather relieved that we have another day of sanity.


Tuesday July 10, 1973

Denny is 17 years old today. I must ring her before Friday. Go to school in the afternoon - no one is around - nip down to Rawdon Library then go home. Don't see June today - too dreadful.

Watch television all evening. Collect a few economics books together and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Oh what a completely uneventful and miserable day it was.


Monday July 9, 1973

My last full week at Benton Park Grammar School. After two long years of laughs, tears, bliss, poignant momemts, hillarious moments, happy moments, boring moments, grande moments, memorable moments, odious moments, opaque moments, obscene moments, frightening moments, terrifying moments, and non-existant moments. Oh, it is all to end this week.

If I had gone to Prince Henry's Grammar School instead of BP, look what would have happened:

a) I would have had a decent education

b) My fluency in the English language would have come about (see what I mean)

c) June (Blissful) Bottomley would have never entered my life

d) I can't think of a d


Sunday July 8, 1973

My Dearest Heart is 17 years old today. Feeling really terrible that I haven't yet given her a birthday present.

A pleasant, brilliantly sunny day. Walk down the lane at 7.15 with John to collect June from her sister's. June in red trousers and red blouse. Sue B is attired equally attractively. June decides we are going to the Emmotts.

A pleasant evening until nearly midnight. Eat fish and chips twice. June actually eats something too. Keith 'Chinny' Harrison comes into the chip shop and has the cheek to call john a 'ugly bugger' - he's obviously too jealous to hold a sane conversation with us. June and I are not going out again until next Wednesday and after that it will be a four week gap until August. Arrgghh, etc etc.



Saturday July 7, 1973

Get up at 8 o'clock. The rain is too terrible. Poor Brian and Valerie! Mother goes to the hairdressers I have no breakfast and prepare my suit ready for wearing. By 9.45 everyone is prepared. Leave for Pudsey at 10. Arrive at Auntie Hilda's at 10.20. Auntie H is in a large black hat decorated with tiny flowers - Dad laughs.

We leave for the church almost immediately. Service begins at 11. Valerie walks down the aisle on the arm of her father - she looks beautiful. Service over by 11.35. Auntie Eleanor wept as we sang the 23rd Psalm. The reception was at Horsforth. See Jackie for the first time since New Year's Day - she has always been my favourite cousin and always will be. Along with all the children we decorate Brian's car - rude things written in lipstick all over the doors, windows and roof. Auntie Mabel and Frank removed the caps off the wheels and filled them with stones. It began to rain.

At 2.30 Brian and Valerie left for Manchester. The car looked fantastic. We all stood in the rain to see them off. We went to see the wedding presents at Valerie's parents house, and then went to Marlene and Frank's and drank home-made beer and wine until nearly 5. Uncle T was quite fresh. Very enjoyable afternoon indeed.

Go to Auntie Eleanor's until 8 when we went across to the Prospect pub until 10.45. All the family except Uncle Peter, John and the children assemble. Uncle Jack Paine is especially funny. Jackie and John come across at 9. Sandwiches are specially made and brought in - wonderful. Uncle Jack Myers opened a kitty to which I contributed £1. Frank and I got the last round of drinks.

Go back to Auntie Eleanor's where she and Dad did the usual 'Spanish dance' party piece. But they got a bit carried away and brought handfuls of soot from the chimney - by 1.30 we are all blacked-up like 'Black and White Minstrels'. Auntie Mabel missed all the fun again. Home at 2.30, black, after a fantastic day.


Friday July 6, 1973

A hazy, warm day. Go to school at 10.0. Sit with Vilma Crossfield and catch two horrid bluebottle flies in a coke bottle. They are repulsive little creatures. June arrives at 10.45. Fantastic being able to see her again - sit together until 11.30 Walk to the bus stop and have a romantic interlude in the bus shelter. Catch the 33 bus at 12.10. Arrive Guiseley at 12.20. Not seeing June again until Sunday evening when she will be 17 years old!

Meet Mother at 12.30 outside Guiseley Railway station. See Mrs West leave on a Leeds train. Catch a train to Bradford at 12.45.

On arrival we have a good lunch - fabulous piece of steak. On leaving the restaurant a torrential rainstorm is let loose upon us. I am in shirt sleeves and Mum is a sleeveless-dress. Shop until 4.15. I find no decent shoes. Mama gets fitted out in a pretty outfit including a large hat - Mother never wears hats!

Arrive Guiseley at 4.45. Mr Melville gives us a lift home. Go to CW at 7.30. Les is once again playing at chef. Sue goes out leaving us to the job.

Home and in the bath by 12.30. Feeling really sorry for Brian and Valerie who, by the look of things, will be marrying in pouring rain. Sit in bed reading until my hair dried.


Thursday July 5, 1973

June and I today have been going out for 22 weeks. We should be celebrating this tonight. Go to school for 10 o'clock - take in a pile of 'ye olde records' - very enjoyable. Christine, Maggie Edwards, Liz Claptrap, Michael Stott and I sit about grooving to such classics as 'Sunny Afternoon' by the Kinks. A rainy, humid day.

Home by 5. June rings at 7 and says she is very tired having worked all day and would like to be excused from the arduous ordeal of going out tonight - I sympathise. John, who is already in the bath, insists on going out and we go up to the Emmotts on the 7.30 bus. After spending half an hour in the local we decide to walk to the Queen's Arms down Apperley Lane. Arrive 8.45. John doesn't like the place much. The walls have portraits of Queens all over them - both regnants and consorts - we stand near Anne Boleyn, Mary of Teck and Queen Victoria.

Set off at 9.45 for Guiseley, walking through the sewage works, and after a long walk we have fish and chips in Guiseley. Come home at 11.50. See 'Jason King' on tv. Come to bed at 12.35.


Wednesday July 4, 1973

Independence Day, USA. Prince Michael of Kent, 31. Go to school for another terribly boring day. Christine and I sit listening to the Sgt Peppers album by the Beatles. Totally sick of it after a week of the same old thing.

Came home at nearly 5 o'clock after getting a new book entitled: 'The Princesses Royal', which is a biography of all the six women who have held this title. The title can be created at the discretion of the Sovereign and it has always been bestowed on the eldest daughter. The title fell abeyant in 1965 with the death of Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood. I expect that the Queen will one day make Princess Anne the Princess Royal. In fact, it would not surprise me in the least if Her Majesty did this on the eve of her daughters wedding in November. I suspect that Nov 13, 1973 will be the date that Princess Anne becomes the Princess Royal.

See 'Coronation Street' - Bette Lynch is found attacked at 8. Have to wait till Monday to see what happened to her.

Bed at 10.35.


Tuesday July 3, 1973

Benton Park is terrible without June. Spent the whole day doing absolutely nothing. I can hardly wait to start my job with the council - and all those evenings absolutely free!

The weather is very changeable, but who cares? Where I'm going next week I don't care if monsoons sweep across Yorkshire.

At 7 o'clock go down to the Chuck Wagon - see the new chef - and after being told that he was a queer I imagined to behold some gigantic fairy, prancing from griddle to sink. He didn't look odd at all! In fact, he seemed quite a good sort of bloke really. Work until nearly 1. Read Prince Philip's biography and come to bed at 1.35. Before retiring, I write a letter to June.


Monday July 2, 1973

Got up very thirsty at 7.0. My throat feels as though it's been cut! Leave for school on the 9 o'clock bus. Forget Denny's material for Italy. Arrive 9.30. What an exceedingly boring day it was which followed. Played "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band" by Beatles (1967) - all day! Christine was nearly driven to insanity.

Go to Rawdon library at 2.15. Get a biography of the Duke of Edinburgh by his cousin Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia - it's supposed to be a family portrait - but one comes across the same old material in all his biographies. Indeed, Booth gives more details of HRH's private life than does his own cousin, Her Majesty the Queen of Yugoslavia.

See Bill Dixon, Brian Jilkes and Andy Dale at Micklefield. Have a laugh. Back at Benton at 3.30. Christine has made butties for the cricket tournament - I have a salmon sandwich.

Talk with Mary, the good-old cleaner - what a girl she is! Christine and I spend half an hour with her.

Home at 5.30. Go to the Fleece at 8. June and Susan arrive. Sit with an old man who buys us drinks and shows us old photos of his school class. Move on to the beer garden at the Brown Cow. Sit under a shaky looking umberella - June and Susan argue about their sister and her bad-tempered hubby, John. Walk around Horsforth, arriving at the main road at 11.30 - missed the last bus. Ring Mama who subsequently rings Dad at work and he picks John and I up in the police car at 12.20. Home by 12.30.


Sunday July 1, 1973

2nd after Trinity. Dominion Day, Canada. June is still away with Christine and John. So I'm spending a bachelor night out with Dave, John, Philip and Christine.

Another beautiful day. Get up at 10.0am. Have meagre breakfast - sit on the back lawn from 11 till 1.30. Too overpowering. Go read Mabell Airlie's memoirs in a darkened lounge. Lynn goes red as a lobster in the direct sunlight. Even John now gives the impression of being permanently embarrassed. Dave rings. I then ring Philip at 3.45. Speak to Christine - promise to meet at Yeadon at 7.30pm.

Dave collects us at 7.25. Mama and Papa go off to Wakefield Theatre Club with Joe and Anne Grunwell to see Fame and Price - return at 2am rather disappointed. Collect Philip and Christine at 7.40. Go to the Tudor Bar, Burley. Have a pint and then go to the Stony Lea - where I walk out with pint glasses - do the same with two glasses at the Vesper Gate at Kirkstall Rd, Leeds. A very enjoyable evening. Christine was on vodka and blackcurrant. Philip is great to get on with. Arrive home 11.05 very intoxicated. Dave is very amused by my predicament. Dale rings at 11.30 with some message for Kim Dean about Mondays cricket match - pupils v. staff. Bed at 12.


Saturday June 30, 1973

My last Saturday at the CW. Get up at 8.30 to the sound of concrete pouring onto the drive. Papa is re-laying the drive immediately in front of the garage. Get up and act as labourer to Dad and John until 10.30. Mother, Lynn and Sue have breakfast whilst John and I prepare to go to Bradford - haircut.

Leave 11. A brilliant sunny, hot day. Walk all the way to the bottom of Hawksworth Lane and then have to walk all the way back up to collect my library books - get the bus at 11.30. Have our hair cut at 12.30 - 45p each - not bad at all. On the way to the bus we see 'Aunt Bore' - she really is a catty old cow, putting it politely. Arrive Guiseley 1.30.

Go to Usshers where John buys sunglasses. See Dave with Mick Orchard - heading to Leeds shopping - looking very secretive.

Go to Fieldhead Road School gala. See Mrs West, James, Mrs Kingsbury, etc. Mr Illingworth really is a snob and a pig. Just because Papa and Mama are not members of the Parents Teachers' Association he choses to ignore us. Good luck to the old creep, that's what I say.

Arrive home where Mum entertains Maureen, her old school mate from the 1700s.

Go to CW. Pauline is with a darker mop of dyed hair. She's sad that it's my final Saturday - or so she says. Unusual night. Home by 1.30. Bed at 2.0am.


Friday June 29, 1973

Sue and Toffer back from France. Get up at 8 o'clock. School at 10 o'clock. Have a really hysterical day. Dave tearing up his Cumming and Stanlake reference books. MM is disgusted at his behaviour.

Go see Mrs Lane about all my text books and something about open day on July 7. Grief! Back to the workhouse tonight! See Groves about my police grant thing - he reads me the comments he's made about my character - cannot be disappointed really.

Come home and Mum tells me that Bill has got me the painting job - I am ecstatic. Decide immediately that the Chuck Wagon and I are over. Lynn and Christine D promise to take-over on our return from Italy.

Go to the CW at 7.30. Warn Sue of what is happening - she does not really object - but was banking on me staying until September. Finish at about 1. Arrive home in time to see John arriving home from the Intercon. I cannot believe my eyes. Willie's car is smashed in at the front. They've had a bump but I am assured that it wasn't Willie's fault. Stagger to bed.

Here's what Groves said about me: 'Michael spent the first five years of his secondary school career in a secondary modern school and there can be little doubt that 'failure' in the eleven-plus selection procedure deprived him of confidence and inhibited him intellectually. Certainly he is not in the first rank in terms of ability but he has gained in confidence and he has found that he can succeed in Ordinary and Advanced Level work and his past performance probably does him much less than justice as a guide to his future potential. He has already gained C.S.E. Grade 1 passes in History and Religious Education. He has passed the G.C.E. Ordinary Level in Art, Grade 2, and English, Grade 6, and this summer he sat examinations in Advanced Level History and Ordinary Level Economics. His written expression is seen to be improving and has reached an adequate standard and his oral performance is becoming more articulate as he overcomes his shyness. Michael is a rather quiet young man of pleasant disposition and even temperament. He has shown a commendable determination and strength of purpose in overcoming early setbacks to get this far along his chosen path and I have no doubt that these same qualities will serve him well in the future. I am glad to support this application.'


Thursday June 28, 1973

Sleep until nearly 12 o'clock. Mother still ill with the infernal cold. Sue also has it now, and I feel slightly nasal.

Go to school in the afternoon. Mr Ayling has been pulling Dave through to bits over his attitude to the 'A' level. The trouble with Ayling is that he puts economics above all other things in life. Oh, he's such a pompous snob!

Walk to the bus stop with Dave and Christine - who almost wets herself laughing. Home by 4.50.

Read the memoirs of Mabell, Countess of Airlie, granny of the Hon Angus Ogilvy, which I collected from Rawdon library this afternoon.. It throws a very interesting light on the aura of austerity surrounding the court of George V and Queen Mary. And in fact Queen Mary was not the prim figure she is often portrayed as by biographers. Also have a book about Princess Beatrice, Queen Victoria's youngest child - haven't touched that one yet.

Come to bed and read until midnight. Poor June is being dragged off to Appletreewick with Christine and John until Sunday night. We will not see each other until Monday night. I'll write her a letter tomorrow.


Wednesday June 27, 1973

Mum still ill with cold -Susan is also "under the weather". Get up at 9 and go to Benton on the 9.30 bus. Very quiet at school. Christine, MM, and Dave turn up after lunch. Quite nervous at the thought of going to Christine Hobson's for tea - I loathe having to meet complete strangers whose sole intention is to 'eye you up' and see whether you come up to the standard required for the courtship of their female relation.

Sit and "flirt" with Fat Irene until 4.05. Get the 4.15 55 bus. Arrive at Christine H's at 4.30. Little Karen is playing in the sandpit on the drive. June comes to the door and is surprised to see me so early. Sit with a cup of tea until 5.40. June is very nervous. Play with baby Karen building lego models - such a sweet, good natured child. John H arrives at 5.30. Over dinner John discusses holidays - he thinks Italy is somewhat 'dirtier' than Spain and France. His generalisation astounds me. Clearly he's a geographer of note. Sit with them until 7.30. Karen asks me: "Are you Auntie June's friend?"

Having no money we walk round Guiseley - a beautiful evening. We walk until 11. I take her back home.


Tuesday June 26, 1973

Aaaarrghh!! I can't stand it! TENNIS is back at Wimbledon! Another fortnight of boredom, misery and petty nonsensical sport. A good cartoon in the Daily Mail this morning. A baby is throwing a screaming tantrum on the beach, mother turns to father and says: "I'm sure he'll be a tennis star when he grows up, because he's such a horrible little boy."

The weather is really terrible once again. But humid and uncomfortably warm. Stay in bed until 10.30. Mother is still unwell. Clear up the breakfast things and so the housework for her. Have a bath at 11.45 and make a bit of lunch - Mother waits to have hers with Father. She gets up at 1.30. I walk down the lane and catch a bus to Rawdon at 2.30. Drop in at school. Christine is bored to death. I go to the library and come back to school at 4 and see Groves about a special police grant. He's very helpful. Sit with Christine, Andy Graham and Irene until 4.30. See Mrs Capstan-Fullstrength. Walk down for the bus home in pouring rain - Christine has her raincoat on her head. Get the 4.45 55 bus. Home for dinner. And yes, tennis on the tv. Come upstairs in disgust. I'm too bored for words. Never did I think I would be wishing Sue and Toffer a hasty return - but I need the money and the work will occupy my time. Roll on Friday.
But at the same time I miss the idea of going out on Friday and Saturday evenings - hate to think that everyone is enjoying life whilst I slave over a hot sink. See tv and read until bed.



Monday June 25, 1973

'O' level Biology exam. Get up at 7.35. Raining and thundering. Absolutely hateful. Mother goes back to bed with a really terrible cold. I make myself a cup of tea and sit listening to Tony Blackburn until 10. He sings 'Happy Birthday to you' to Lord Mountbatten of Burma who is 73 today. I didn't think they liked royalty on Radio 1.

Mother is full of cold, the weather is rotten, and I've run out of monetary capital and all financial aid. What a state we are all in! Dad drives me to school in thunder and lightning. Begin Biology at 1.50. A ridiculous examination. Failed again. Finish at 3.50. Louise is at school for the last time! I will never see her again after today. I wave her off in her car at 4.15 - very poignant moment. Benton Park will never be the same without her. Come home on the 4.20 55 bus. June rings at 7. Evidently Janet poisoned her old woman on her very first day as a home help. June began work today and experienced a 90 year-old, one-armed imbecile! But she says he was sweet. She can't afford to go out on Tuesday evening -we're going out on Wednesday instead. Life is hell without her at school but we seem to enjoy our evenings out all the more due to our longer partings. One can easily get bored of someone when one is with her every hour of the day.


Sunday June 24, 1973

Get up at 1 o'clock. Absolutely disgraceful. Have lunch at 1.30. Good old Yorkshire pudding! Read the Sunday papers and watch television until 6. Have strawberries and cream for tea. John and I prepare to go out at 7.30 and walk down into Guiseley. We go see June's sister, Christine, on Netherfield Rd. I thought June would be staying with her but she isn't arriving until 11pm. June's Mum and Dad with Sue went to Newquay this morning.

Get the 8 o'clock bus to the Emmotts. June arrives 10 minutes later. Dave and Ivy are sitting comfortably inside. Dave tells me that Harry is now going out with a girl from Shipley. Harry and Sue is all over - the romance is dead! John will be pleased. Dave saw Harry this afternoon and he told Dave that he wouldn't be going to the Emmotts or Fleece again if he knows that John will be there. The boy is certainly making a name for himself. Dave wants to go down to the Drop in Guiseley to see Patrice Saunders about a job. John goes with him whilst June and I stay at the E. They arrive back at 10.15. See Sue Crosby and get into serious trouble. Whilst Sue C, Dave and I stand laughing outside the gents - Dave locked the door with a bolt on the outside -a poor bloke inside was banging and trying to get out - all we could do was laugh. When Dave finally let him out the bloke flew at him yelling: "you won't come back into this bloody place again" - and still all we could do was roll about hysterically. Go back to June and Ivy - the old lady found it especially amusing and goes across to further embarrass the poor chap. Dave and John go home in the car.

June and I get the 35 to Guiseley. I escort her down to Netherfield - very romantic. Home by 12 o'clock. Have some toast and a boiled egg. Bed by 12.35. A fantastic day. June and I certainly NOT cooling off - praise the Lord!


Saturday June 23, 1973

Sleep until 12. Get up and eat a small lunch. John went to work at 7am. He must feel really terrible. It rains and thunders slightly, but this doesn't deter Mother and Father from mowing the lawns. I listen to records until tea time - not tired in the least after last night's excursion.

Have tea and see 'Dr Who'. Mother, Father, Lynn and Sue go see Grandma Gadsby's films and slides of Italy - they leave at 7 o'clock. See a St Trinians film with John. Prepare to go out at 8.30 - catch 9 o'clock bus with John - arrive at Emmotts at 9.25. The Emmotts is packed out and although rain is falling slightly several people are drinking in the car park. I battle my way to the bar where Sue Crosby is serving. Get two pints of lager. June and Sue B are not arrived yet. Hirsty arrives. June comes in at 9.40. I battle my way back to bar once again - after 5 minutes get served. We all stand in the porch - the rain eases off. Have a really excellent time. A couple of June's friends pass by and keep her talking until 10.30. A right pair of catty bitches I ever did see. Sue is very disgruntled by June ignoring us. But the poor darling needs some outlet from this tiresome rigmarole of spending every spare moment shut up with me at the Emmotts! Go across to the chippie - everyone eats except June who is quite starving herself. Sue buys a massive bottle of fizzy pop - everyone is totally bloated by the time we reach the bottom road. Before making any decisions about tomorrow night the girls bus arrives - Christine is on board - we savagely wave. John and I get the 32. Home by midnight.


Friday June 22, 1973

Get up at 8.30 and leave for Benton on the 9.30 bus. Arrive 9.50. Janet Roots is the only person there. Sit about until 10.30 when Christine arrives. Play consequences with them until 12.30. Very hot day indeed. Sat outside for 10 minutes but found it overpowering. Went to the chippie by myself. Came back and sat and ate them with Christine and Janet.

Christine and Philip are not coming out tonight - they want a quiet weekend. Played my new card trick until 2 - only Steve Tiffany could guess it. Dave arrives in the car at 2 o'clock. Andy Graham and Co. go out for a spin with him - Christine thinks he's mad in doing so. Dale and Willie are starting off at the Fleece at 6.45 - much too early for me. June arrives at school at 3. We go to Rawdon Park and on the way I bump into Bill Dixon - he cannot promise me the painting job but he's going to battle it out with his senior officer.

Go back to school where we collect our gear. Go home on the 4.15 55. Wash hair and ready for 7. Dave picks up John and I at 7.45. June, Dale, Willie, Jeff Hogg, Tiff, etc are already at the Fleece. We work our way up Town Street. By 10.30 no one is in any fit state to do any sane action. Geoffrey Hogg is violently sick in the beer garden at the Grey Horse - so badly that it puts everybody off drinking. June, Hursty, John and I go to the Intercon at the Cow and Calf in Dave's second trip. Arrive there at 11.30. John begins dancing immediately and again he never leaves the floor. A great evening. Tiff, Dale and Willie get absolutely stoned. John seems to get on very well with them. Very good discs are played and I drink only eraticly - do not get drunk. John and his mates go home in the first trip. Willie, who is sick, Hirtsy, June and I sit on Ilkley Moor until 3.15am. June and I sit alone whilst soft dew falls. Very romantic. Dave collects us at 3.15. Home by 3.35.


Thursday June 21, 1973

'O' level Economics exam. Got up at 8.10 and left on the 8.30 bus - arrive at 9 at Benton. Louise and I go to Biology. A rotten exam - finish it at 11.30. Go down to Rawdon with Louise afterwards.

Sit with Dave, Christine and Martin V-B looking at the slides we took a couple of weeks ago. MM makes us all very nervous by trying to do last minute revising for Economics. At 1.30 Christine shows me how to calculate elasticity of demand - which, luckily, appeared on section A of the exam paper. Section A was dreadful. Section B fairly straight forward. August 27 here we come! Once again it's in the lap of the Gods. It's all over!They're finished with at last! No more exams until at least November.

Collapse in relief in the common room afterwards, Have a very funny do with Christine. But feel mad that June did not come to school as she promised. Dave and I fight with Malcolm Thomas and struggle down for the 55 bus at 4.55. Wait until 5.15. John gets on the bus at Henshaw Lane.

Have tea at 6. Read Albert and Victoria until 7.30. June rings me from her sister's in Guiseley - speak with little Karen on the phone. June's coming tomorrow afternoon. Feeling very tired. Read until I have a bath. Bed at 11 o'clock.


Wednesday June 20, 1973

Wake at 10.30. Very dark and rainy. A letter awaits me from June and it's very charming indeed - she also agrees that Sunday evening was the most pleasant evening we have spent together for a long time.

Dad saw Bill Dixon yesterday and he asked him whether I want my council painting job back in the summer holidays. I think about it and agree yes. It will mean nearly £20 a week. The CW will have to go. But Lynn could work Tuesdays and Fridays, and Christine Dibb Thursday and Saturday - splitting my evenings equally between the two of them.

Attempt to do Economics until 12. Have lunch by candlelight at 12.45 - weather still dark and shocking. Revise until 4 when Jennie Rawnsley comes round to see the girls. She demands to know why I haven't bought 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon round The Old Oak Tree' by Dawn. Didn't have the heart to tell her it stinks!

Have tea. Watch 'Coronation Street'. Very guiltily I go on to see 'Special Branch' when I should be doing Economics revision, but what's the point in working myself into an early grave at 18?

Come to bed at 11.30 after seeing an awful play in which a student cut his throat in the bath - the bathwater turned bright red! What a way to commit suicide! I could never find the courage it must take to do away with oneself. Besides, I value human life too highly.


Tuesday June 19, 1973

Mama and Papa celebrate 19 happy years of married bliss. Awoke at 9.30 to the sound of Dad smashing rocks on the drive. The sky is very dark and stormy but the day is generally warm. By 11.30 it's raining. The first day of Royal Ascot.

We give Mother and Dad some nice looking gadgets. Bottle openers and cork screws, etc. Quite expensive. Dad bought Mum a £2 bouquet from Carbutt's in Guiseley.

The Duchess of Windsor is 77 tolday. Last year when she came over from France for the duke's funeral everyone thought that some great reconcilliation had taken place. But she flew back to Paris and nothing has been heard of her since. The question now arises: will they allow her to be buried next to her husband at Frogmore, or is she permanently exiled?

Have a nice lunch at 1. Still very little revision done. Mum and Dad go out shopping at 2.30 and I am tempted by the television and watch 'Public Eye'. Mum and Dad home at 4.30.

Lynn and Sue show me a card trick - it takes until 6 for all the family to get it.

Revise from 6.30 until 9.0. See news at 9. Roger Delgado, 'The Master' in 'Dr Who' has been killed in an accident in Turkey. Saturday evenings won't be the same without him. See a good programme about the work of Lady Allen of Hurtwood. Write June a lengthy letter.

Came to bed at 12.30. Mama and Papa who went out at 8 came in at 1 o'clock.


Monday June 18, 1973

The 158th anniversary of the defeat of the French armies at the Battle of Waterloo. Get up at 8am. Have a bowl of cereals. Mum goes to work at 8.30. Lynn and Sue follow on to school. I do the cleaning up.

The weather is really too beautiful for description. June wasn't bursting out all over last night, but I sure was! Yesterday's visit by Auntie Mabel and clan was very enjoyable. Won't be seeing them until July 7 when Brian marries Valerie Jean Hutchinson, of Bramley.

Have a bath and wash my hair at 10. Mum comes home at 12.40. Have a bit of lunch and Mum prepares dinner for tonight. She intends sitting out while the sun is nice. I listen to the Johnnie Walker Show on Radio 1 and then get ready to go to Rawdon with some library books which are a week overdue. Caught the 2 o'clock bus. I missed seeing June by 5 minutes. See Janet Roots who says they were thrown out of the Woolpack at lunchtime. Very hot afternoon. Go on to the library and come home at 3.30.

Read until 5.30. Early dinner. See 'Coronation Street'. Lynn comments that a women on a tv commercial is 'ugly'. I think the opposite as say no woman under the age of 25 can possibly be ugly. A woman doesn't begin to look ugly until she is a 58 year old, toothless, hunchbacked,
straggly-haired old dear, standing 4ft in height, with a 49ins bust hanging about her waist. She only laughs at this.

Read until 10.30. Bed at 11.30.


Sunday June 17, 1973

Trinity Sunday. Lynn wakes me at 10.30. It's Father's Day. It's a commercial thing invented by the people who makes greeting cards - and a cheap copy of Mothering Sunday which is now also very commercially backed. Give Papa 7 cigars costing 77p.

Sue and Lynn made Mum and Dad's breakfast. He also received a 1lb box of toffees and some nutty chocolate.

Very, very cloudy day but warm. Dress and read until 12.30. Blast! Starting revising for Economics tomorrow. Life is one long swot these days. June rings at 2.45.

Have lunch at 2. Read Albert and Victoria until 3. Auntie Mabel, Uncle Jack, Marlene and Frank, Mark, and Debbie came at 3 and stayed until 8. The children, Mark, 5, and Debbie, 3, are beautiful with blond hair and hazel eyes. Auntie Mabel and I go onto the lawn and organise races for the children. Frank takes me to Westfield Fisheries at 6.30 - fish and chips 9 times!

Sit until 8.20, and get a lift to Rawdon in Frank's car. They drop me off near the Emmotts. Auntie Mabel laughs when I say "see you in church". Go to Emmotts. June and I drink lager. At 9.20 we walk to the Fleece, arriving at 10.10. Bust the fly on my jeans in the gents toilets. June gives me a safety pin and we went into Horsforth park so that she could fix my zip. June is the one and only. Come home at 11.40.


Saturday June 16, 1973

Read Duff's 'Albert and Victoria'. Much better than Woodham-Smith's biography. It raises doubts about Prince Albert's parentage. He suggests Albert's real father was Leopold I, King of the Belgians or some court chamberlain of Jewish extraction in Coburg. Fancy, Queen Victoria marrying a bastard! I have taken a real liking to the young Queen Victoria - not lacking in physical attractiveness either.

Get up at 10.30. Go with John to Leeds on the 11 o'clock train. Arrive 11.15. I buy some shirts whilst John spends £25 on a suit for Brian and Valerie's wedding - including a pair of fantastic shoes -adding about four inches to his height. Arrive Guiseley at 2.40. I bought a pair of polaroid sunglasses for £3.25.

Lynn no longer has a job. She and Al resigned this morning after a squabble over working hours.

Have a cup of tea and watch 'Dr Who'. Go to CW at 7. Sue and Toffer are excited about the holidays. Imagine, no work next weekend! No CW until June 29. Pauline is in good spirits and slightly sun-burned. Toffer and I had a 'Hairy Leg' contest. I won! Come home at 1.40. Sit an hour with 2 boiled eggs. Read a bit of Albert and Victoria. Bed 2.45.


Friday June 15, 1973

'A' Level History Paper II. Another hot day. June is busting out all over! Get up at 7 o'clock AM. Have only a grapefruit and go to Benton Park on the 8 o'clock 55 - arriving 8.25. Sit revising Bismarck until 9.10. Carol and Sheila arrive - both looking very pale. Enter exam at 9.25. Napoleon III did crop up - but in a round-about sort of way. Write more than yesterday, but yesterday was definately a better paper. Anyway, it's in the lap of the God's now, as it were.

See June, who I fear I have neglected this past week. We're going to the Emmotts on Sunday for the first time in weeks. She's really fantastic. She and Christine go in to Yeadon at 2.30 to see about jobs as 'home helps' in the summer recess. I laugh at the thought of it. June and Christine as char women cleaning around for 6 weeks looking like Hilda Ogdens - some folk will do owt for brass!

Go to CW - play 20 questions and charades - hysterical!


Thursday June 14, 1973

Dave Lawson's 18th birthday. 'A' Level History Paper 1. Beautiful weather. Get up at 7. Nervousness now quite gone. Go on the 8 o'clock 55 bus after everyone at home wished me luck. Arrive 8.30. Talk to Mary about her troubles. Carol arrives at 9 with Sheila - both frightened to death! Michael Attenborough arrives at 9.20. Go to The Room. Papers given out at 9.25. Mrs Lane arrives looking terrified. Exams starts 9.30. By the expression on Mrs Lane's face she thinks the paper is marvellous. I think it's not as bad as I imagined it would be. Do the hardest question on the paper - according to Mrs Lane, but I like it: 'Peel - for and against'. Do all four questions. Finish at 12.30. Mrs Lane says that with the questions we should have all passed the British paper. The European paper tomorrow will be far worse.

See June. Come home on the 1.30 bus. Have lunch. Show Mum the exam paper. Revise until 3.30. Remember it's Dave's birthday - go ring him up and wish him congratulations. Carry on revising until 11.25. European history is much more of an arduous subject when it comes round to revising. Go to bed at 12. Not nervous in the least.


Wednesday June 13, 1973

It's announced on the 6 o'clock news that Princess Anne and Mark Phillips are to marry in Westminster Abbey on November 14 - the 25th birthday of the Prince of Wales and the 69th birthday of the Archbishop of Canterbury - who will marry the couple. The poor girl wanted a quiet wedding at Windsor but Mum put her foot down.

Get up at 8. Revise until 12. Go to the Commercial at Esholt with Mum and Dad for lunch. Come home at 2. Feeling very tired. Mum always feels tired too after drinking at lunchtime. Revise until 10.30. Watch Kenneth Clark "Civilisation" on tv. Come to bed at 11.10. Very nervous, but go immediately to sleep.


Tuesday June 12, 1973

Get up at 8. Revise until 12.30. Mum and Dad arrive home from work. She tells me that Princess Anne is having a wedding cake made at Stephenson's bakery in Guiseley. I disbelieve, but it's true. Of course, the Royals always have several wedding cakes made. They have them cut up and sent off to charities, Commonwealth prime ministers and such like. Still, it's a great honour for the bakery, and good for business I suppose.

Revise from 1.30 until tea. Go to CW at 7.30. No one in. See tv until 9. 2 come in, and alas 4 arrive at 11.30. Home at 1.25. Bed immediately.

Whilst on the subject of Royal marriages I might as well make a few guesses as to what title, if any, Lieutenant Phillips will take. Way back in May 1960 when Princess Margaret married, her husband did not take a title immediately. Margaret married Mr Armstrong-Jones and he did not become Earl of Snowdon until October 1961 - two weeks before Viscount Linley was born. I expect that the same precedent will occurr with Lieut. Phillips. The Daily Mail says he will be Earl of Somerford -because he lives in Great Somerford, Wilts. But Lord Snowdon lived in Pimlico and he wasn't created Earl of Pimlico. The decide the actual title is a bit dicy so I won't make any attempt to do so.


Monday June 11, 1973

Get up at 8 o'clock. Revise at home until 11. Go up to Benton Park on the 11 o'clock 55 bus. Do an Economics test from 11.45 until 12.30. I got top marks - 14 out of 28 - 50 per cent. It was an objective test and I guessed the majority of the questions. Come home on the 2 o'clock 55 after ringing Dave from Rawdon with Christine. June was not at school. Come home and revise until tea. Watch 'Coronation Street' and then revise until 11. Bed at 11.30.


Sunday June 10, 1973

Whit Sunday. HRH Prince Philip is 52. Get up at 7am. Feeling full of cold. My sinuses playing me up. Revise Gladstone until after 8. Drift off back to sleep until 12. Over lunch we discuss Italy. Go upstairs for a bath at 2.

Good old Prince Philip is 52 years old today - one noticeable thing about the duke is that he never ages. He always looked 50 - even when he was 25.

Revise until 8pm. Watch a film - very good. Revise until 12. Come to bed at 12.


Saturday June 9, 1973

Go to Bradford Library and try to get 7 books but am allowed only 4. Come home 2.0. o'clock.Have lunch. Go to Yeadon. John and I buy two records. Home in order to see 'Dr Who'. Watch the first hour of the 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' film. Walk to CW at 7.o. Busy from 9 till 11.30. Talk with Sue R. She says: "Wouldn't it be funny if Princess Anne was pregnant". We all laugh. Buckingham Palace would of course deny it right up to the last minute - one can't believe a word they say these days.


Friday June 8, 1973

Revise until 12.30. Go to the Yew Tree pub in Otley with June and Janet Roots. Andy Graham, Pee Wee, and Kim Dean are playing darts. Go to the river at 3. Very hot and humid. Dave and Christine arrive. Go on the river in boats until 4.30. I feel very irritable. Exams looming up. Dave takes us home in his car at 5. Drop June off at her sister Christine's on Netherfield - where she goes for tea. Take Christine and Stephen Holmes to Horsforth.

Not going back to school until Thursday morning.

Go to CW at 7.30. Sue and Toffer hear my news about me going to Brian's wedding on July 7. They're not upset about it. Busy until 1. Come home and go straight to bed.


Thursday June 7, 1973

Revise all day. Do Economics lesson. Come home after standing with June at the bus top until 5.30. Groves, passing by, laughs at us holding hands. Revise until 8.30. Listen to records with John. Watch 'Jason King'. Come to bed at 12.30.


Wednesday June 6, 1973

Go to school at 9.30. Revise until 11.45. It's beautiful 'exam weather' - always a scorcher at 'O' and 'A' level times. Do Economics. Buy Thirkettle for 50p. Revise Ireland until 4.05. Dave brings me home, and Dad signs his passport forms. Revise until 9. Go to fish and chip shop. Watch 'Special Branch'. Go to bed 11.30.


Tuesday June 5, 1973

Revise Bismarck and Irish Home Rule at home all day. CW at 7.30. Finish at 11.30. Come home and go to bed after having coffee.


Monday June 4, 1973

Holiday in the Irish Republic. Chris 18. Get up at 8. Go to Benton at 9. Christine tells me how Philip hit Dale in the Stone Trough on Tuesday last week. She's worried that Dale will take it out on her. He ignores Christine when he finally arrives at 10 o'clock.

Louise and Ray have finished and she is now going out with an Italian living in Yeadon with the unlikely name of Robert! Roberto would be more in keeping with custom wouldn't it!

June prefers to sit with Michael Stott instead of me at lunchtime. Christine and I rescue the stool from the tree. I then put it back. Decide to go home this afternoon and get the 2.30 bus - the sun is extremely hot. Arrive home at nearly 3. Mum and Dad are sitting in the sun.

I have scrambled eggs on toast and revise all evening. Bed at 11.30.


Sunday June 3, 1973

Get up at 11. Mum makes lunch. Very nice - but I don't really like curries. Have wine which Mrs Smith brought back from Dusseldorf. Major Smith gave me £2 for cutting the lawns. Can't be bad.

Watch a film in the afternoon. Do a Bismarck essay. Mama rings Auntie Hilda and invites herself to Pudsey for tea. Finnish the essay and go to Pudsey - arrive 5.30. Uncle Tony in best of spirits as usual. Have tea and look around the garden. Uncle is worried about the apple tree and says it may have to be cut down. The old garden wouldn't be the same without the tree, which is now 35 years old. Mum doesn't remember the garden without it. Mum, Dad, Auntie H and Uncle T go out at 8.30. We have a laugh with Karen's record player. They get back from the pub at 11 and I argue with Dad and Uncle Tony...about the monarchy (what else).

Come home at 1 o'clock.